Impact Wrestling Results (6/10) – No DQ Match – W. Morrissey Defeated Willie Mack by Pinfall; Kojima Saves Eddie Edwards against Joe Doering and VBD

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Impact Wrestling Results returned to Tenille Dashwood welcomed us back to “All About Me” and she and Kaleb were excited about their host, Rachael Ellering who came in with Jordynne Grace.

Rachael said they’re tag partners and they do everything together and they ignored Kaleb’s insinuation about Grace not being welcome.

After some prodding, Rachael asked why she’s there, and Tenille asked why Grace is there.

Rachael said it’s gotten to a point where it’s disrespectful and she and Grace are teammates and she wanted to settle it with Tenille on Saturday.

Grace said it should be her in the ring, and Tenille told her she wants it in the form of a question and Grace headed to see D’Amore to make the match and Rachael followed.

Joe Doering w/Violent By Design vs. Eddie Edwards

Doering threw Edwards backwards the first time they locked up, but Edwards used his quickness to get loose on their second attempt and hit a couple of strikes, but Doering’s size and strength took over.

Doering hit a running clothesline in the corner, then a clubbing blow before working on Edwards’ neck.

Edwards tried to fight back, but Doering was took strong. Edwards did mange to hit a suplex on Doering, and pulled the rope down to send Doering to the floor.

Edwards went off the ropes and Deaner tripped him and the ref called for the bell.

They started beating down Edwards when Kojima came out to help and then he and Doering exchanged rights in the ring before Kojima sent him over the top rope with a clothesline.

Doering wanted to get back in the ring, but Violent By Design dragged him to the back, though not without Doering breaking free a couple of times.

No Disqualification Match – W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

Impact Wrestling Results expect this to be a brutal match, and Morrissey showed his power advantage right away as he threw Mack back and then shoved him back into a corner on their first two lockups.

Morrissey hammered on him and then choked Mack out on the ropes and with his foot.

Mack fought back, but Morrissey caught him with a knee to the midsection.

Morrissey hit a clothesline as his dominance continued into commercial.

Back from commercial and they’re on the floor with Morrissey still pummeling Mack, but Mack’s not giving up and dove into Morrissey’s knee to sent him into the ring steps.

Mack pulled out a chain and wrapped it around his hand and nailed Morrissey in the leg and then the kidney. Mack followed that with a chair shot to Morrissey’s back.

A couple more chair shots followed, but Morrissey ducked a shot at the ring post and then headed into the ring where Mack hit a splash and cannonball.

Morrissey caught him with a big boot to regain the upper hand and then stomped Mack.

Morrissey grabbed a chair and nailed Mack across the back a couple of times, and then he choked him out with the chair before Morrissey retrieved the chain.

Morrissey wrapped the chain around Mack’s eyes and then repeated the move but on Mack’s nose on the apron.

Morrissey placed Mack across the top rope and nailed him with a couple more chair shots that caused Mack to drop to the mat.

Swann to the rescue

Mack dodged a splash in the corner and hit a couple of kicks and a slam and standing moonsaut for a near pinfall. He then worked Morrissey over with the chair again and headed to the top rope after he put Morrissey on the chair.

Morrissey rolled out of the way and Mack hit the chair with a splash, and Mack rolled out of the way and Morrissey hit the chair with his elbow.

Morrissey then hit a boot through a chair to win the match and end the night with a great match.

Morrisey propped Mack in the corner and placed the chair over him, but Rich Swann ran out and hit Morrissey with a series of kicks before security came out and separated them.

Morrissey charged through the security personnel to nail Swann, but as he was leaving Swann hit him with a chair and security got between them again with Morrissey on the floor.

This was a great show and we can’t wait for Against All Odds. What did you think of the match? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results.

We had a blast and can’t wait until next time. See you all then!

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