Impact Wrestling Results (6/3) – Sami Callihan Defeated Moose by DQ When the Good Brothers Attacked Him

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This is going to be an awesome match and Impact Wrestling Results is stoked to see what happens.

Callihan hit a pump kick to start off to no effect, and Moose threw him into the ropes and Callihan pulled the ropes down to send Moose to the floor.

Callihan hit a suicide dive, but Moose hit a big boot and went for a power bomb.

Callihan blocked it and went for a kick but Moose caught him and power bombed him onto the ring apron.

Moose then ground Callihan’s head into the floor with his foot, then broke the count and his a couple of boots.

He broke the count again and threw Callihan into a ring post and went for a cannonball but Callihan dove to the side so Moose hit the guardrail.

Callihan put his arm in the guardrail and hit it with a dropkick before breaking the count and going back to work.

Callihan locked in an armlock on the floor and the ref tried to break it up as we headed to commercial.

Upcoming twist

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring and Moose was in control.

Callihan nailed Moose on the top rope and hit s Death Valley Driver for a near pinfall.

Callihan went for a piledriver, but Moose picked him up and drove him into the corner but his injured right arm limited what he could do. He managed to hit a superplex for a pin attempt.

Moose hit a dropkick on Callihan on the top rope, then hit a Go to Hell on Callihan for a near pinfall.

Moose hit the ring post with his injured arm and Callihan hit a piledriver for a near pinfall.

Callihan went for the winning piledriver but the Good brothers ran in and hit Callihan from behind and hit the Magic Killer on Callihan, then stomped Moose and Kenny Omega and Don Callis came out.

Omega stomped Callihan a few times, then moved on to Moose before they left the ring.

D’Amore’s magic

Backstage, they congratulated each other and Scott D’Amore came out to greet them and Callis sent them away to talk business.

D’Amore pointed out Callihan beat the number one contender, so he’s in line for a title shot and maybe it should be a triple threat at Against All Odds.

Callis said both sides have to agree, but Tony Kahn has Callihan on a black list and won’t agree.

D’Amore said he thought he’d bring this up, so he talked to Tony Kahn and he’ll be there nest week to set up a triple threat match.

This should be fun next week and at the pay-per-view if it’s a triple threat match. What do you think” Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results.

We had a great time and can’t wait until next week.

See you all then!

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