Possible Impact Wrestling Against All Odds Spoilers – Kenny Omega Wins?

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Before we continue, we just want to make it clear this article is about possible spoilers for the Impact Wrestling Against All Odds special we’ve all been waiting for, and it involves Moose and Kenny Omega.

If you don’t want to see these, turn back now.

Next week’s promo

Part of the reason for us thinking Kenny Omega defeats Moose in Against All Odds special came from a video allegedly shown on AXS TV and was shared by TMFI Wrestling.

In the video, and apparently championship-less Moose attacked TJP and Chris Sabin came in armed with a chair to help.

It then cuts to a backstage promo where Sabin calls out Moose for his actions. “Who do you think you are Moose? All while calling yourself the wrestling god? What a load of crap! Just maybe the real wrestling god sent Chris Sabin to humble your ass.”

Scott D’Amore is then shown talking to Don Callis about “The Anthem board is sending somebody down here to address this situation that’s never happened in all the years I’ve been running this place.”

If this is for next week’s IMPACT!, they couldn’t have had worse timing on it leaking.

Other sources

It also gives credence to what Dave Meltzer has reportedly said, as reported by cultaholic.com.

In their article, they recap what happening on Thursday’s IMPACT! where it was announced that Moose and Kenny Omega will face each other at Daily’s Place, giving Omega home field advantage as that’s where AEW Dynamite has been airing from.

They also mentioned that Dave Meltzer said Sami Callihan and Kenny Omega will be headlining Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, meaning Omega will retain.

While this is pure speculation, it’s entirely possible that Omega will win tonight.

They’ve simply been pushing Omega trying to avoid facing Callihan too hard for it to be thrown away after tonight, and if Moose wins, Callihan won’t have a reason to go after Omega.

If Moose does lose it’s going to be disappointed as a majority of Impact Wrestling fans want Moose to win. In fact, a majority seemed to want Moose to defeat Rich Swann for the title previously, but that’s open to interpretation.

It should be a great match tonight and we’re looking forward to it no matter the outcome. What are your thoughts? Has Against All Odds been spoiled or are these simply conjectures from fans?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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