UFC 263: Mexican Brandon Moreno Crowned New UFC Flyweight Champion!

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Brandon Moreno makes history at UFC 263 by submitting Deiveson Figueiredo and capturing the UFC flyweight title.

After a draw in December of last year, it was time for a rematch. This time Brandon Moreno came out determined to take the victory and would get it in the third round.

Video: Brandon Moreno is crowned new UFC flyweight champion!

From the beginning of the fight Brandon was the aggressor attacking with a fast left jab that he used to throw combinations. Moreno imposed the rhythm against Figueiredo who tried to let him in to counter attack or look for the clinch. The Brazilian threw an elbow that was answered with a good left hand from the Mexican. Deiveson tried a kick and Moreno responded with another left jab that sent the Brazilian to the canvas. Brandon followed him to the canvas looking to do more damage but Deiveson scrambled to tie him up until he found the vertical again.

The second round started with an exchange of punches and Figueiredo was looking for the takedown until he got it. The Brazilian controlled the position until Brandon found half guard, but on his side. Deiveson looks for a guillotine but Moreno defends with intelligence and patience. The fight was back to the vertical and now it was the Mexican who was taking the duel to the ground despite the Brazilian trying to hold on to the mesh. Brandon finished the round on top connecting some punches but without much danger.

In the third round Moreno tried to hit to the body and Figueiredo responded in the same way. Brandon would go forward with a right hand and then for the takedown. He would catch Figueiredo off balance and take his back. He would snap a belt around the Brazilian’s waist and start looking for the neck. Patiently, Moreno would tap to force Deiveson to move and locked in the choke. Figueiredo tried to break free of the hold but moments later was forced to surrender.

🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 VIVA MEXICO 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

🏆 @TheAssassinBaby LEFT NO DOUBT!!!!! #UFC263 pic.twitter.com/rJoEn1OXQE

— UFC (@ufc) June 13, 2021

Victory for Brandon Moreno! First UFC champion born in Mexico.

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