Will Aleister Black Go To AEW And Lead The Dark Order Following WWE Release?

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While the bulk of attention following today’s six released WWE names is going to Braun Strowman, there is another man in the bunch who has just as much chance to make an impact. Former NXT Champion Aleister Black was among the names, despite currently being built up with a new gimmick on Smackdown Live. However, Black could be a natural fit for a certain faction in AEW, and it’s one that has been left without a leader.

Aleister Black Could Bring Dark Order Back To Focus

Ever since the tragic death of Mr. Brodie Lee, AEW faction The Dark Order have been in a weird spot. They have a lot of talent in their ranks, but no one has been able to step up as a leader in the place of Brodie. Evil Uno is as close as they have, being their mouthpiece before Brodie made his debut as The Exalted One, but he lacks the power a leader should have.

This is a role that would be perfect for someone like Aleister Black. If there is anything he improved upon in WWE, it was his character work, already coming into the company as one of the top grapplers in the world. He could double down on that in AEW with a cast of characters like The Dark Order to play off of.

Black would already fit their image, and could make this faction into something more serious again, instead of their current more comedic roles. No one can replace Mr. Brodie Lee, but if AEW is sticking with Dark Order as a group, they will need someone to steer the ship before long.

A Perfect Fit For AEW In General

Recently, Tony Khan announced that he is looking to expand the AEW roster. They’re getting back on the road, and have another one hour show coming to TV. If you’re looking to expand and people like Black & Buddy Murphy are going to be free agents? You would be a fool to not reach out and try to make a deal.

Black has the style and hype to jump right into the packed roster and make an impact. Matches with Darby Allin, Kenny Omega, Brian Cage, Hangman Page, Stu Greyson and more would all be great ways to showcase Black, and he’d just give another potential star to their roster.

Do you see Black joining the AEW roster? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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