WWE Draft Set to Follow SummerSlam; NXT Callups Expected

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Well, it’s that time of year again when the WWE tries to freshen up their brands with a shakeup that moves the superstars back and forth with the WWE Draft.

Since the first one, the WWE has tried to continue to make things look as close to an actual sports draft as possible, with varying success.

As reported by Andrew Zarian, host of Mat Men Podcast, it looks like the WWE will hold this year’s draft after SummerSlam.

It’s set to begin on Raw on August 30, 2021 and finish on the following Smackdown four days slater on September 3, 2021.

This is a change of pace from last year’s draft that began with Smackdown and concluded on Raw and ran from October 9, 2020 to October 12, 2020.

This will be the 15th draft in the companies history going back to 2002 when they instituted the brand separate due to absorbing the WCW and ECW rosters following the WWE acquiring both companies.

At the time, it made sense and it was handled well. Now, it’s more like a drinking game where often times few switch from one show to the other.

And even then, the WWE violates its brand separation at will to cover needs by implementing a crossover subsection.

Influx of talent

While it’s become more of a derided moment in recent years, the draft does give fans that have grown up with the brand split the chance to cheer on their favorite wrestlers going to a new brand.

It can create new storylines and feuds as well as opens a chance for fresh talent to be brought in, especially given WWE’s recent releases.

While there will probably be several NXT call ups before the draft, we expect even more come draft time as the roster could get it’s first overhaul in years and it’s badly needed.

But that’s only part of the problem. They’ve had great talent for years, but WWE creative (Vince McMahon) either hasn’t figured out how to use them or they misuse them to fit a need or mold.

Fresh and new talent will go a long way to further establishing the promotion’s attempt to strengthen their shows, we’re curious if their creative team is up to the task.

In the end, we don’t expect much of a difference than we’ve seen the last few years, but maybe we’ll luck out and get a cool surprise thrown in.

We’re willing to be this year’s WWE Draft is going to be interesting for a couple of reasons.

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