WWE NXT Results: Ember Moon Calls Out Raquel Gonzalez, LA Knight Fails To Impress Ted DiBiase In Loss To Jake Atlas

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Ember Moon has a bone to pick with Raquel Gonzalez. Last week the former NXT Women Tag Team Champions, Moon & Shotzi Blackheart renewed their rivalary with Dakota Kai & Gonzalez. However, after the bell, Gonzalez went too far when she took out Blackheart in a post match brawl.

Ember Moon Gets Gonzalez Down, But Forgot About Dakota Kai

Moon would threaten to hijack the show if Gonzalez didn’t come out, and much to the displeasure of William Regal: Gonzalez stormed to the ring. Using the high ground to her advantage, Moon would get the upper hand and be able to get the better of the current NXT Women’s Champion. Gonzalez rolled to the outside and was isolated by Regal and the security team.

However, as Moon would look at her victory, she was hit from behind by Dakota Kai. Kai would maul Moon in the ring, before nailing a pump kick to send her to the outside. This is what makes Gonzalez so dangerous, Kai is always there to give her the upperhand. Moon is looking like the next challenger for Gonzalez at NXT Takeover, and is finally back to the main event level she was before the main roster call up.

Ted DiBiase Gets A Close Look At LA Knight

Last week on NXT, LA Knight would side with Ted DiBiase after breaking up the Million Dollar Face Off with Cameron Grimes. Tonight, he looks to beat the man who beat Grimes two weeks ago, Jake Atlas. Atlas is a potential threat to anyone as previously shown. He’d get taken down quickly, but Knight got overly cocky and rolled up for a two count.

Atlas would keep in control using his speed with a springboard headlock takeover before going after the arm of Knight. Knight had to grab a handful of hair to try and get free, but Atlas almost got a pinfall off a counter. Atlas was hit with the hotshot on the ropes, before Knight nailed a neckbreaker.

Ted Dibiase would come to ringside to get a closer look at his potential protege, but was getting distracted. Atlas hit a springboard sunset flip for a two count, and Knight would drop him with a slam before hitting a Million Dollar Fist Drop. Knight would take complete control with some roughneck tactics, with some clubbing blows and chokes on the ropes before we’d go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Atlas went for a suplex and Knight countered into a neckbreaker. Knight tried for the Million Dollar Dream, but Atlas would block the iconic hold and hit a high crossbody for a two count. Atlas was thrown to the outside, and Knight would jawjack as he crawled back in at nine.

Knight took a knee strike and brainbuster as Grimes joined DiBiase, while in the ring Atlas hit a standing moonsault for a two count. The rainbow DDT would be set up, but Knight countered by leaping up top. Grimes would distract, and Knight got crotched and hit with the Rainbow DDT for the win.

A solid showcase match for Atlas, and a way to further the storyline between Knight & DiBiase. Knight continues to suck the life out of the arena whenever he shows up, and hopefully working with DiBiase can get people more interested in him. Match Rating: 2.5/5 (** 1/2)

Who will Ted DiBiase side with? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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