WWE NXT Results: Grizzled Young Veterans Defeat Ikeman Jiro & August Grey, Set Up Tornado Tag Match For Next Week (06/08)

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With a brewing feud with Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher, Grizzled Young Veterans are ready to be done with them and get their tag team title shot. Tonight, they’d get a chance to once again show why they’re the best in the world as they’d clash with August Grey & Ikeman Jiro tonight, a team which has found some success on 205 Live.

Grizzled Young Veterans Target The Previously Injured Knee Of Jiro

Gibson started with Grey and quickly took him down tonight with a wrist lock. Grey slipped out and hit a running hurricanrana before tagging in Jiro. Jiro had his blazer on like usual, and he’d use it to punch Gibson in the face.

Gibson was taken down with a headscissor takedown, but a jawbreaker dropped Jiro, before he went after the blazer and fired Jiro up. Drake got a tag and they’d work together to pick apart Jiro with some kicks, before a shotgun dropkick took Grey off the apron. Jiro had a brace on his left knee, and that became the target of Grizzled Young Veterans, Drake yanking on the knee.

Tommaso Cimapa & Timothy Thatcher Make Their Way To Ringside

A knee breaker from Gibson was followed by a Dragon Screw from Drake, all but taking Jiro out. Thatcher & Ciampa took some chairs and grabbed a seat at the foot of the ramp, which distracted both men and let Grey get a tag. Grey hit a running neckbreaker on Gibson, then a slingblade on Drake before a rope walk crossbody set up the So Much Prettier.

Drake blocked and nailed a left arm clothesline, before hitting Ticket To Mayhem for the win and staring down their true challengers. They’d call Ciampa & Thatcher hooligans, before Ciampa told them they won’t get a title shot until they beat them. Grizzled Young Veterans set the challenge for a tornado tag match next week. Ciampa started the fight now, but will have to wait for next week.

A solid surprise tag team match. Anything with Ikeman Jiro is fun, and he had a fun showcase here. Grey & Jiro are a proper tag team at this point, but Grizzled Young Veterans are the best tag team in the world. Match Rating: ⅖ (**)

Who will win next week’s Tornado Tag Team Match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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