WWE NXT Results: Karrion Kross Faces Off With All Four Challengers, Adam Cole Stands Tall (06/08)

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Karrion Kross is a divisive name for many fans of NXT, but few can deny he’s a fighting champion after last week. There was a triple threat match between Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano & Kyle O’Reilly to determine his next challenger, but Adam Cole ran in and laid everyone out. Later that night, Cole demanded a shot and got it. But so did Dunne, Gargano & O’Reilly. Kross is ready to take out the full field, and tonight he meets all four opponents face to face.

William Regal Has Lost Control

Regal would be in the ring with Kross to remind him that he runs NXT. Kross would claim this show has been out of control for a long time. All four men need to get to the ring, and get their asses kicked. Kyle O’Reilly would make his way out first and say while Kross is dominant, he’s got thin skin. He’s insecure, because he knows someone like O’Reilly will take the belt from him.

Gargano stumbled out next, and would say that Kross shouldn’t take that verbal abuse from someone like O’Reilly. Kross should go over there and choke O’Reilly out, but should make sure to not fall down as he walks over, as he’s not known for his grace.

Dunne was next and he didn’t want to talk, he just wanted to fight Kross. Cole would appear not in person, but on the big screen. He’s smarter than that, he’s already embarrassed everyone last week. Cole beat all challengers down with chairs and Kross added three other men to the match to avoid having Cole run circles around him. He doesn’t need to beat Kross, he could just beat Gargano or Dunne again instead.

Karrion Kross Gets Laid Out By Adam Cole

O’Reilly would get into the ring and slap Kross across the face after calling Cole a little bitch, and this broke down into a fight. Kross would drop everyone that moved with suplexes, be it a challenger or security. As security held Kross back, Gargano & Dunne got some kicks in on him and sent him into the corner.

O’Reilly took down Gargano & Dunne, before Kross hit the elbow to the back of the head and seemed to stand tall. Cole would appear in the ring, and nail Kross with the Last Shot before closing out the show like he has many times in NXT, holding the NXT Championship high.

Who will leave Takeover as champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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