WWE NXT Results: Oney Lorcan Defeats Austin Theory With Half Nelson Slam (06/08)

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Last week, Oney Lorcan & Austin Theory almost came to blows. This was because Oney Lorcan claimed that had Adam Cole not got involved, Pete Dunne would have won the #1 contender Triple Threat match. Theory would insist Johnny Gargano would have won the match, and that disagreement was enough to trigger a fight. Tonight, we might not see who would have won last week, but a win here could give Gargano or Dunne extra confidence ahead of Takeover.

Oney Lorcan Is Ready To Fight

Oney Lorcan got right into it with Theory, and quickly ended up in a headlock. Lorcan would hit a clubbing blow to the back and get a wrist lock. Theory was thrown into the corner, but popped over Lorcan and nailed a big dropkick. He’d apply another headlock to Lorcan, before both men got vertical again. Lorcan got a single leg takedown, and would take the leg of Theory and work towards a single leg boston crab.

Theory kicked him off to the corner before yanking him down and hitting a slingshot stomp and fisherman suplex. He’d get cocky, and Lorcan nearly cut him in half with a chop for it. Lorcan was hitting his brawling stride, nailing a major uppercut to send Theory to the apron, and a knee strike to send him to the floor.

Theory blocked a chop on the floor, before hitting one of his own and putting Lorcan on the apron, but as he tried to lift him; Lorcan slipped out and pulled Theory down hard. Pete Dunne made his way to ringside, and cheered on Lorcan as he got Theory back into the ring and applied a high angle boston crab. Theory got the ropes, but Lorcan stomped him out and nailed a backbreaker before going into a Camel Clutch.

Austin Theory Takes His Eyes Off The Ball

Theory would fight back to his feet as Gargano made it to ringside, but Lorcan crushed him in the corner with some running European Uppercuts. Lorcan would be sent to the outside with a lariat over the top rope to get Theory a chance to breathe, but you don’t take your eyes off a veteran like Lorcan. He’d hit Theory from behind and send him outside for a brawl.

Theory would win out and level Lorcan with a lariat & Fallaway Slam in the ring, before hitting a springboard spanish fly out of the corner for a two count! Lorcan slipped back outside, and he clashed with Theory with some lariats causing a double down.

Dunne & Gargano would start a brawl of their own and end up in the back. Theory would get distracted by this and take a half nelson slam for the loss. Lorcan won, but Theory stole the show with that spanish fly.

A solid way to open an episode of NXT, with both men showing their skills. Lorcan remains a steady part of the NXT midcard, while Theory is just one big one from becoming one of the biggest stars the brand ever produced. He keeps improving, and isn’t long from proving himself on a Takeover. Match Rating: 2.75/5 (** 3/4)

Will Oney Lorcan claim more gold in NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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