WWE NXT Star Piper Niven Makes her Main Roster Debut with Eva Marie and is Reportedly Called Doulop

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After weeks of build up, the WWE billed Eva Marie’s return against Naomi with Piper Niven from NXT as her charge.

Fans weren’t happy about this and they started a #Naomideservesbetter hashtag again, and since a returning superstar typically wins their first match it’d make sense.

But instead of Marie, Niven entered the ring a squashed Naomi in roughly a minute, give or take, and we’re sure Naomi’s fans aren’t going to be happy about that.

If anything, it was a great debut for Niven who looked as imposing and powerful, as well as lighter on her feet than Nia Jax.

In many ways, she looked extremely talented and we can’t wait to see more of her in action.

But she wasn’t called Piper, Niven, or anything else by the commentators. Eva Marie claimed the match was won by Eva Marie afterwards in what appears to be a way of her getting credit for her clients’ hard work.

In time this will come back to bite her when Niven and other clients grow tired of them adding their victories to her resume.

At the time, it was as big a head scratcher as Raw itself.

New name and gimmick

Of course, we’re not surprised that a talent coming up from NXT would have a new name that Vince McMahon feels would be more marketable.

And as solid and Niven is in the ring, her thick Scottish accent could make it hard for some to understand her, so having Marie serve as her mouthpiece makes sense.

And that’s where the understanding of things ends for us given various reports this morning that Niven will now be called Doulop.

We searched but couldn’t find a reference to Doulop online, but it did make reference to Dunlop and dollop, which could mean her new name’s a respelling of the latter term.

Given the definition of the word dollop, we’re thinking this is McMahon’s humor since she’s plus sized.

If this is her new name, we hope we’re wrong and it means something else or it’s something she’s comfortable with using. Otherwise, this could be a very unpleasant time for the WWE.

Of course, this could be nothing more than an internet rumors meant to troll everyone for one reason or another.

If it is, the question on what she’s going to be called is still a topic of discussion and we wouldn’t mind them using her name since she’s been working under it for a while now.

What do you think of this choice if it’s her real new ring name? Let us know in the comments below.

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