WWE NXT UK Results: Symbiosis Destroy Andy Wild & Dan Moloney (06/10)

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Symbiosis got off to a rough start in NXT UK after picking a fight with Gallus, but tonight they look to get back on track as T-Bone & Primate face off with Andy Wild & Dan Moloney. On paper this is an easy tag team victory, and a great way for T-Bone & Primate to build their tag team chemistry. They will have Eddie Dennis in their corner, and NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly were on commentary to get a close look at some potential challengers.

Symbiosis Take Dan Moloney & Andy Wild Down With Ease

Moloney would start with Primate, and promptly get beaten down with some clubbing blows. He’d survive a shoulder tackle before being able to lift Primate up and tag in Wild. Wild ran Primate down into his corner, when T-Bone got a tag. They’d trade heavy blows in the corner with T-Bone winning out but Moloney got a tag.

T-Bone took him down with a back breaker into a fall away slam. Pretty Deadly would be asked about the fashion of T-Bone and Primate, and were disgusted by both that question, and that Dennis didn’t choose them as his associates. Monoley was hung across the ropes by T-Bone as Primate dove in and slammed down with an axe handle.

Primate would ensure Wild stayed out of the match by effectively cutting the ring in half. Moloney was hit with a double stomp, and T-Bone would hit a big backbreaker, before Moloney managed a big dropkick and got a tag. Wild lived up to his name as he took on both members of Symbiosis and nailed a big suplex on Primate.

Primate was able to stay in the fight and hit an exploder suplex despite taking Wilds best and dropping him with a spear. Symbiosis hit a running powerslam and diving headbutt combo, and this was over.

A solid tag team showing from arguably the best tag team division in WWE. Wild & Moloney were able to show off their potential, while Symbiosis showed they belong near the top of the division already. A fun brawl from start to close. Match Rating: 2.5/5 (** 1/2)

Is Symbiosis next in line for a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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