WWE Raw Results (6/14) – Alexa Bliss Defeated Nia Jax by DQ; Jaxson Ryker Won by Count Out Over Elias

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WWE Raw Results are set for what should be an interesting match. With the WWE going to live audiences soon, they better get in their various character changes while they can.

Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss

Alexa went right after Jax with some kicks and a sleeper hold, but Jax threw her off.

Alexa locked it in again, then she dodged Jax’s boot in the corner and continued chopping Jax down until Jax hit a shoulder block.

Jax then threw her across the ring and hit a hip attack, then she dragged her into the middle of the ring for a body slam and pin attempt.

Jax then locked in a neck hold, and then leveled her with a clothesline, but Alexa set up to avoid a leg drop and hit Jax with a spinning kick.

Alexa scared Reginald off with a look, and then she nailed Jax with a dropkick and hit a DDT. Alexa headed to the top rope and hit Twisted Bliss but Reginald pulled her off, disqualifying Jax.

Alexa then turned to Reginald and she seemed to hypnotize him during their stare down. Alexa then fled the ring when Jax came in and Alexa waved at them as she backed up the ramp, her eyes never leaving them.

Backstage, MVP approached Kingston about whether or not he’s thought about his offer. MVP then told him to blame Woods as the one that’s holing him back.

Kingston told him he’d better get going before he’s picking up his teeth, and then said the reason he’s been so successful is because of the bond he shares with his friends and nothing MVP says will change that.

MVP wished him luck at his HIAC match, then remembered he doesn’t have a match.

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker

Elias hit with a running knee right off the bat and kept after Ryker with rights, chops, and a reverse elbow off the ropes.

Ryker bounced off the turnbuckle and hit Elias with an axhandle, and then pounded Elias down and bounced Elias’ head off the turnbuckle.

Elias hit a boot in the corner, then ran into a slam and Ryker then threw him to the floor and followed after him.

Elias hit with a kick, and Ryker picked him up and rammed Elias into the ring post. Elias then took the count out loss as he was about to climb into the ring but chose not to.

These fast matches are getting annoying. A little pacing would be better than constant breakneck speed. WWE Raw Results hope things slow down to a more reasonable pace for the last match or two.

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