WWE Raw Results (6/14) – Eva Marie’s Successful Return, RK-Bro Defeated the New Day by Pinfall; Rhea Ripley Defeated Asuka by Pinfall via the Ripcord

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WWE Raw Results returned to find it wasn’t Marie taking part despite being billed as much, instead another woman known as Niven took her place and totally destroyed Naomi.

She hit Naomi with a splash and Mishinoku Driver for the win.

Well, Marie announced she’s the winner.

Earlier in the day, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were posing for pictures while Natalya and Tamina were working out, and an exchange of insults led to a brawl between them before security broke them up.

Elsewhere, Drew McIntyre gave a history lesson about Sottish legend William Wallace and how he has his own brilliant strategy like Wallace had.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods) vs. R-K-Bro (Randy Orton, Riddle)

Riddle and Woods started it off matching moves to a stalemate until Riddle locked in a Bro-Mission but Woods tagged in Kingston.

They worked Riddle’s left arm, but Riddle fought out of their corner and Orton tagged in.

Woods managed to get loose from Orton and he and Kingston hit a couple of quick moves to gain the advantage on Orton.

Orton hit an uppercut and threw Kingston into the corner, and Kingston hit s missile dropkick.

Woods intercepted Riddle with a belly to belly suplex, and with Riddle and Orton on the floor, the New Day faked suicide dives as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Woods and Riddle exchanging forearms and knees in the ropes, and Riddle hit a fisherman’s suplex for a pin attempt.

Orton and Riddle hit an assisted corkscrew flip for a pin attempt. They kept working on Woods’ arm with various holds, and Riddle went for an armbar submission.

Kingston tagged in and took it to Orton with a series of kicks, and after hitting a clothesline he nailed a double leg drop, but Orton tagged out without Kingston seeing it.

Riddle hit a series of kicks and running clotheslines, a suplex, and a running kick and running knee.

Riddle headed to the top rope and hit a Floating Bro while Orton knocked Woods out of the ring. Kingston kicked out and headed to the floor for a breather as we went into commercial.

Bros for the win

Returning from commercial, Riddle fought Woods off the top rope, but Woods hit the ropes to drop Riddle and then climbed up after him.

Kingston blind tagged in and Woods hit a superplex and Kingston hit a frog splash but Orton saved the pin and threw Woods to the floor.

Kingston threw Orton to the floor, and Riddle rolled him up in a small package pin attempt.

Woods came in and Riddle caught him and hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a near pinfall. Orton then came in and hit an assisted power bomb on Woods for a near pinfall.

Orton slipped Woods through the ropes for a draping DDT but Kingston held onto Woods to prevent it, and Riddle came in but Woods slipped under Riddle and Kingston hit a double stomp on Riddle in an electric chair.

Riddle caught Kingston with a knee as he came off the top rope. Woods rolled into an RKO for the win after he fought out of an earlier attempt.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

This started with Asuka having the early advantage thanks to her speed, but Ripley’s power quickly caught up to her and she threw Asuka across the ring.

Asuka hit a handful of strikes and kicks with no effect, and Ripley dropped her with a headbutt.

Asuka went for an octopus, but Ripley powered out of it and put Asuka in a fireman’s carry. Asuka slipped down and locked in a sleeper hold.

Ripley dropped back to break the hold and went for a pin attempt.

Asuka sidestepped a dropkick in the corner and Ripley hit the turnbuckle and rolled to the floor, and then she face slammed Asuka into the barricade as we headed to commercial.

Ripley pulls out the win

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Asuka in control and hammering on Ripley, and then hitting a dropkick, but Ripley stopped her with a double boot in the corner.

Asuka fought her off of the top rope and then hit a missile dropkick so Asuka could buy some time.

They exchanged blows in the middle of the ring, and Asuka hit a knee lift and clothesline for a pin attempt.

Asuka hit a Hip Attack for another pin attempt, but Ripley hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a near pinfall.

Asuka then his a release German Suplex and a running kick for a near pinfall, and then hit a series of kicks to Ripley’s chest until Ripley caught her third attempt.

Ripley caught Asuka off the rope and locked in a leg hold, and Asuka reversed it into an Asuka Lock attempt Ripley powered out of.

Ripley closed it out by hitting a Riptide for the win and Flair attacked Ripley from behind. The pair went back and forth in their braw as the ref tried to separate them.

More officials came out to stop the fight and separate them.

This went on for nearly ten minutes before they separated and continued throwing challenges at each other. This felt more like a time waster than anything to WWE Raw Results.

What do you think?

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