WWE Smackdown Live Results (6/11)

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Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown Live Results!

I’m your host, CP Bialois, and tonight looks like an interesting one with it being teased all week that Rey Mysterio will be looked for Roman Reigns after what he did to Dominik Mysterio last week and more!

I’ll be back to get WWE Smackdown Live Results up and running at the 8 p.m. EST start time, so let’s grab some snacks and settle in.

Segment 1

Jimmy Uso called out Roman Reigns for being jealous and getting them disqualified on purpsoe last week and said he’s not going to regret what he’s going to do tonight.

Segment 2

Kevin Owens and Big E vs. Apollo Crews w/Commander Azeez and Sami Zayn

Owens started it off going after Crews and Zayn, but Crews eventually caught him and after absorbing a good amount of punishment he tagged Big E in.

Big E went for a spear on the apron, but Crews sidestepped him and Big E headed to the floor asa we went to commercial.

Segment 3

Owens scored the win after hitting a stunner on Zayn.

Crews then challenged them to a rematch next week against him and Commander Azeez.

Azeez then hit Zayn with a Nigerian Nail when he mouthed off and accused Crews of setting him up to lose.

Segment 4

Chad Gable set up a singles match with Montez Ford after he canceled their tag match, and Roman Reigns told Jey to inform Jimmy he’s coming.

Segment 5

Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

A fast but decent match saw Morgan win after hitting a flatliner type of move off the ropes for the win.

Segment 6

Ding Dong, Hello with Seth Rollins

After sharing a laugh at watching Bayley laugh at Belair and Rollins wreck Cesaro, Cesaro rang the bell and destroyed Rollins and the set.

Belair then came out and laughed at Bayley. This had to be the worst segment ever. Bayley deserves so much better.

Segment 7

Chad Gable vs. Montez Ford

This started out as a great back and forth moves wise before Gable caught Ford in mid air with an ankle lock, and Ford sent him to the floor and hit a moonsault as we headed to commercial.

Segment 8

The match ended in a DQ for Gable when Otis came out, but Gable did kick out of a From the Heavens.

Otis wrecked Dawkins backstage, then destroyed Ford in the ring with a Dozer, splash off the second rope, and then a Vader Bomb.

Segment 9

Shinsuke Nakamura w/Rick Boogs vs. King Corbin

This was a fast time eating match that Nakamura won with a rollup, then he and Boogs worked to keep the crown from Corbin.

Here’s an idea, how about let them actually put on a match instead of a 5 minute time waster? They’ll give us a good to great match if given the chance.

Segment 10

Jey had enough of being caught in the middle and left, and Reigns ripped into Jimmy for not being a good older brother and guilted him into making it right with Jey and their family.

Segment 11

Rey Mysterio called Reigns out and challenged him to HIAC, then attacked Reigns with a kendo stick that appeared out of nowhere.

Reigns overpowered him, so Dominik attacked. And Reigns power bombed him out of the ring to the floor. He then fought Rey off again as security came out

Thus ended a pretty weak Smackdown with a couple of decent moments. What do you think of the show?

Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Live Results. We had a blast hanging out with you and can’t wait until next week.

See you then!

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