WWE Smackdown Preview (6/11) – Rey Mysterio Retaliates Against Roman Reigns

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WWE Smackdown Preview expects that Roman Reigns will be a hunted man this week after his attack on the Mysterios to close out last week’s show.

Reigns paid particular attention to Dominik as he power bombed him to close out the show after he beat both of them with the ring steps.

And now it looks like Rey’s going to be looking for some payback. And all because Reigns thought they were going to beat the Usos again following a bad referee’s call in their earlier match.

Here we go again

It seems the WWE’s current way to get Dominik over is to have him destroyed and then send Rey after him to gain retribution.

And the Dominik will try to avenge his father being destroyed and so on for a few months.

This feels like their feud with Seth Rollins as the WWE appears to be happy and complacent in their copy and paste cycle.

But there could be a silver lining and some deep plotting going on that’s not apparent as yet.

Reigns’ master strategy

WWE Smackdown Preview will channel our inner Paul Heyman when we say Roman Reigns will put his genius to work to help solidify power in the Bloodline.

Which means, of course, that there’s going to be more to this than just vindictiveness on both sides. Reigns will want to soften them up so the Usos can bring him the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

With the Mysterios fixated on him, it’ll be hoped their focus will be less on keeping their tag titles and the Usos will be able to take the belts away.

This has been rumored for a while that the Uso will win the tag belts before or during SummerSlam, so this plays directly into that scenario.

This will also make the Mysterios look stronger as it’ll take so much to get the titles away from them. It may be the WWE’s way to repair having Dominik luck into a series of wins that made them look weak.

Establishing the Bloodline

With the Usos having the tag championship, it’ll put them on better footing when dealing with Reigns and draw them closer while also giving them something to keep shoving in Reigns’ face.

This will make the Bloodline one of top faction in recent WWE history, or so we assume is the plan.

It’ll also move them closer to rupturing the faction when Reigns makes a face turn in the future.

How do you think the Mysterios and Reigns’ feud will play out? Let us know in the comments below.

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