WWE Speculation – The Rock to Return for Survivor Series, Could the Undertaker Return to Face Roman Reigns as Well?

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It looks like the WWE is planning to hoping to have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson back with the company by Survivor Series to feud with Roman Reigns.

This was reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and through @the_wrestling_news2, and it gives some weight to the rumor that Johnson will return to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38.

It’s an angle that seems destined to happen given Reigns has taken over as the Tribal Chief and claims he’s the best to run the family, and given Johnson’s contributions and the fact he hasn’t bowed to Reigns yet give plenty of fodder for storytelling.

It’ll also help boost the WWE as they need their legends and part timers more than ever with their audience dwindling due to bad storytelling for the last few years.

We may not like what’s happening, but we’ll nearly always pay to see our favorites form yesteryear, but there’s more to it than that.

The Undertaker Returns?

Despite retiring, the Undertaker recently said a feud between him and the current Roman Reigns would be epic, and this has led to speculation that he’ll return as well.

While that’s unlikely, he’s still under contract to the WWE, so there’s always the possibility he could return for a promo heavy feud with one, maybe two matches.

There were plenty of fans on various posts expressing their hope the Deadman remains retired, and we have to agree.

He had a great run and we hope he enjoys the time he’s more than earned to kick back and relax.

But if he doesn’t, could that be what brings the Rock in? We expect the Rock to be what turns Reigns face at WrestleMania 38 as they look to create a Rock/Hogan moment.

Face turn

This is pure speculation on our part, but it makes sense they’ll want to turn Roman Reigns face again because, well, Vince apparently loves him as a face.

He wouldn’t have been shoved down our throats as one for years if he didn’t.

If the Rock does come back at Survivor Series and it sets up a match between them at WrestleMania, we think the idea would be for the Rock to take everything Reigns can dish out but not lose.

It’ll push Reigns to the point he’ll question himself, and when the Usos interfere on his behalf, Reigns will help the Rock to fight them off and complete his face turn.

This is a long way away, but it makes sense and gave us an excuse to try our hand at fantasy booking.

What do you think of the Rock and Undertaker coming back, and will the Rock be what makes Reigns see the error of his ways? Let us know your thoughts on how everything will go in the comments below.

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