WWE Speculation – Will Kofi Kingston Join MVP?

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MVP has spent the last couple of weeks talking Kofi Kingston’s accomplishments during Kofi Mania up, while trying to convince him to join him in the Hurt Business.

Kingston’s been adamant about staying with Xavier Woods, saying he, Big E, and his other friends are why he’s achieved so much in the WWE.

But will he continue resisting MVP’s advances?

We think so as it’ll set up a feud between him and Bobby Lashley in the near future, possibly after Lashley defeats Drew McIntyre at HIAC.

Assuming Lashley wins, of course.

But there’s a couple of twists we could see play out before too long.

Option A or option B

The perfect solution in MVP’s world is that Kingston will join willingly or be convinced to join like Cedric Alexander was.

MVP even tried to create a divide between Kingston and Woods by pointing out Woods is the one holding him back.

While Kofi Kingston isn’t buying it, there’s every chance the WWE will break up the New Day by having Woods buy into what MVP’s selling.

We don’t mean he’ll betray Kingston, though that is a genuine possibility the way the WWE does these storylines, but rather he’ll start to see himself as the weak link and he’ll turn on Kingston to force him away.

Woods would do this for Kingston’s benefit as MVP has shown he can bring gold to those he manages.

This would be a pretty cool storyline as it’d show his best friend trying to look after him, but we’re sure the WWE will turn Woods heel if they go this route because we can’t have anyone in the gray area between good and bad.

Why this could work

If Woods pushed Kingston to go with MVP, it’d give Kingston a great opportunity to show what he’s capable of backstage and in the ring.

He’d have to deal with feeling abandoned by his best friend as well as understanding why Woods did what he did. He’d also continue fighting off Lashley and MVP as their feud would grow.

Woods would even still help Kingston at times, and it’d force Kingston to tell him he has to make a choice.

So, after three or four months, the New Day could find their way back together and be stronger for the trials they went through.

What do you think of the possibilities of Kofi Kingston and MVP’s storyline? Let us know in the comments below.

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