WWE Speculation – WWE SummerSlam to be This Year’s WrestleMania – Possible john Cena vs. Roman Reigns, but no Brock Lesnar?

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There have been some reports making the round that the WWE is going all in on this year’s WWE SummerSlam to push it into a WrestleMania level show.

Since it’s one of the company’s big four pay-per-views and they’ll be starting their touring schedule a month or so prior to it, it makes sense they’ll do everything they can to get fans to attend.

Well, everything but enticing storylines, but it’s been that way for years so we expect little to change in that regard.

But it does appear that some big names are a definite possibility if this news is legitimate.

This speculation started when WrestleVotes tweeted:

“After speaking to a few sources on the topic, I’ve learned that WWE is 100% attempting to make SummerSlam this year’s WrestleMania. “All resources will be tapped into” is how it was explained to me. I do believe they want Reigns v Cena to headline. Not sure if they’ve decided.”

Possible headliners return

There’s been plenty of speculation the last couple of weeks about John Cena returning to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, and Brock Lesnar facing Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship.

For years, the WWE has relied on the drawing power of their former stars turned part timers to sell tickets their current crop couldn’t (mainly due to WWE creative as we hinted at above), and this looks no different.

The line from the tweet, “All resources will be tapped into” give credence to it being a star studded event, and with Cardi B rumored to host the event, it’s only natural to expect some stars to return.

The most likely appears to be John Cena as he’s shown an interest into coming back despite reported backstage heat for his apology to China about calling Taiwan a country.

As for the Lesnar rumor, it appears it may be just that or a smokescreen is being used to counter it.

There has been online chatter that Lesnar won’t appear until Reigns is ready to feud with him, but if Lesnar was expected to face Lashley where does the Reigns part come from?

This is only part of the fun we get to enjoy as fans run rampant with what they hope to see as well as sights claiming what will happen.

Of course, this could also be the WWE’s attempt to keep any spoilers of Lashley and Drew McIntyre’s latest rematch from slipping out.

While we have no doubt the WWE is going all out for a fun summer party, we’re curious to who will be invited and we’re keeping our eyes open.

Stay tuned. We’ll have more to share as it becomes known.

Who would you like to see return at WWE SummerSlam? Let us know in the comments below.

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