AEW Fyter Fest Results: Darby Allin Defeats Ethan Page In Brutal Coffin Match (07/14)

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Darby Allin & Ethan Page have had it out for each other for years now. Page feels like Allin wouldn’t be the star he is today without his influence and the exposure Allin got from their clashes. Allin however is just looking to get past his old rival, and not suffer any more injuries in the process. That might not be possible, as tonight they meet in the first Coffin Match in AEW history. The rules are simple, beat your opponent so hard that you can stick them into a coffin and close the lid.

Ethan Page Has Dangerous Plans

The coffin would be brought to ringside, with Page soon behind. He’d come alone, leaving Scorpio Sky behind for this one. Allin would get a massive ovation from the crowd, and would skate his way to the ring. As soon as he hit the ring, he’d rush right into Page who was mentally preparing in the corner.

Allin would reveal a steel plate on his back, and hit a springboard coffin drop to wipe Page out. Page would be taken out with a dive to the outside. Sky would pop out of the coffin, but Sting was here to even the odds. Sting would miss a Stinger Splash on the outside, but Sky took too long taunting and was beaten down.

Back at the ring, Page would unhook a turnbuckle before they’d brawl into the crowd. There are no countouts or DQ’s in this match, and Allin would dive out of the crowd onto Page but was caught and ragdolled into steel of the arena. Page would stomp his throat, before carrying him and press slamming him onto concrete.

Darby Allin Refuses To Die

Back around ringside, Page would shove the steel steps into the ring, benefitting from the lack of a bottom rope. He’d flapjack Allin onto it before grabbing a turnbuckle with bad intentions with the hook. Allin had the chain around his neck hooked, and he’d be yanked to the mat.

Page would look to go for the coffin, before Allin used the turnbuckle to whack him in the jaw. He’d fishhook the jaw of Page with the hook, before kicking the steel steps to launch Page into the coffin. They’d brawl in the coffin, with Page hitting slaps to the ear of Allin before back dropping him out of the coffin.

Back in the ring, Page climbed the stairs, but Allin dropped him with a chop block and stunner. He’d try for a Coffin Drop onto the stairs, but Page cut him off and hit an Ego’s Edge onto the steel steps from the top rope. Allin would come back by driving his fingers into the eyes of Page, before coming off the top rope with a skateboard to the spine. This would allow him to put Page in the coffin, and close the lid on this match.

An absolutely brutal encounter that was helped majorly by a hot crowd. Page & Allin have next level chemistry, and they showed it tonight. They tore the ring apart, brawled into the crowd, and gave a finish for the ages. Sting & Sky’s brawl wasn’t needed, but Sting atleast got a good reaction from the crowd. Another memorable main event for Darby Allin in AEW, and hopefully the end of this on-going feud. Match Rating: 3.75/5 (*** 3/4)

After the match, Allin would ensure the message was clear as he hit a Coffin Drop from the top rope through the coffin, right onto Page. The final nail was driven in, and Page won’t forget this one.

Will this be it for Allin & Page for now? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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