AEW Fyter Fest Results: Darby Allin Defeats Wheeler Yuta, Blade Attacks Orange Cassidy Ahead Of Match (07/21)

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Ever since he made his debut for the company on AEW Dark, Wheeler Yuta has been popping up more and more. This talented young grappler made his Dynamite debut last week with The Best Friends members Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy in his corner, but he failed to defeat Sammy Guevara. Tonight won’t be any easier, as he faces former TNT Champion Darby Allin. These two could wrestle for hours and never run out of new things to do, so this is gonna be very interesting.

Darby Allin Isn’t 100%

Just one week out from a dangerous Coffin Match with Ethan Page, Darby Allin is coming into this one with his ribs taped up. He probably should have taken the night off, but he doesn’t know when to quit, hence why he jumped through the Coffin after he won. Yuta went right into his submission based offense, with Allin trying to show he can hang in this world.

A superkick to the ribs dropped Allin, before Yuta threw him right across the top rope. Targeting that injury is as smart as a move gets, and he’d be consistent with the back. Allin was yanked off the top rope, his back smacking off the top of the turnbuckle before Yuta applied the Flying Octopus Hold. This was broken after Allin bit the rope for a rope break.

Wheeler Yuta Gets Extremely Close To Victory

Allin would hit the ropes, and Yuta quickly dodged and hit a German Suplex ending in a bridge, getting a two count. Yuta would head up top and get brought down hard with a superplex. On the outside, Sting & Orange Cassidy would stare each other down, and Sting started a deadly game of slow kicks leading to a double slow superkick.

Back in the ring, Yuta would roll Allin up for a two count before Allin sped things back up. He’d nail a quick Stundog Millionaire and The Coffin Drop, getting the win. Yuta was as close as anyone to beating Allin tonight, and it bodes well for his AEW future.

A fast paced and exciting clash of styles, this was a great match. We got a lot of smart work from Yuta, the perfect exchange between Sting & OC, and a quick and fiery comeback from Allin. It could have benefitted from a longer runtime, but they really did a great job as they worked to maximize their time. Match Rating: 2.75/5 (** 3/4)

Following the match, The Blade would get a cheap shot in on Orange Cassidy ahead of their match later tonight. Can OC still make his match later tonight? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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