AEW Fyter Fest Results: Doc Gallows Defeats Frankie Kazarian, Hangman Page & Dark Order Make The Save (07/21)

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Ever since The Young Bucks brutalized Christopher Daniels in the final tag team match from S.C.U, ending their tag team career in NJPW? Frankie Kazarian has been a different man. More serious than ever before, this veteran is taking the fight to The Elite like few others. However, tonight he doesn’t just need to settle for a run-in during a match, as he faces off with Doc Gallows one on one.

Doc Gallows Throws Some Blows

Kazarian dashed right into Gallows as the match started, only to be shoved off. He’d keep coming before hitting a dropkick off the middle rope. Gallows was sent across the ring, and Kazarian ran into a big boot. Kazarian was thrown over the top rope, and Gallows distracted the referee as Anderson hit a cheap lariat on the floor.

Gallows would hammer Kazarian with some heavy blows on the outside, as commentary hyped him up as one of the hardest strikers in all of professional wrestling. A big lariat in the ring dropped Kazarian for a two count, before some mounted punches rained down on the face of Kazarian. Gallows picked him up just to launch him with the back body drop, before applying a sleeper hold.

The Numbers Advantage Is Too Much For Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian would break free and throw some heavy strikes of his own before finally catching Gallows with a big lariat. He’d show his power with a giant backdrop, before nailing the springboard leg drop for a two count. Kazarian looked to apply the crossface chickenwing but was forced back to the ropes.

Gallows would block the view of the referee as Anderson would attack on the apron. Kazarian would take him out with a quick leg drop, before Gallows could hit a roundhouse kick. One Gallows Pole later and this one was over.

This was as good as a Doc Gallows singles match gets, and that’s not great. Kazarian did fine, but Gallows is no in-ring master. It was a solid TV match, but lacked heat or notable moments. Match Rating: 1.5/5 (* 1/2)

After the match, The Good Brothers kept beating Kazarian down, nailing The Magic Killer. Kenny Omega & Don Callis hit the ring, before Omega would say that they’ve noticed this thorn in his side. The Elite Hunter is now the Elite Hunted. He’d be held back, but Hangman Page would make the save.

Page got into the ring by himself, drink in hand, and ready to fight. Callus called him stupid, before he’d be caught by Gallows & Anderson. Dark Order hit the ring to save their friends and even the odds, as Omega & Callis fled.

Can Dark Order & Hangman Page defeat The Elite? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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