AEW Fyter Fest Results: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D Submits Nyla Rose Via Lockjaw To Retain AEW World Women’s Championship (07/21)

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Winning the AEW World Women’s Championship is sometimes the easy part, as Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D will learn tonight. She won the belt from Hikaru Shida at Double Or Nothing 2021, and now is set to defend against another former champion in Nyla Rose. The Native Beast is hungry to claim the title again, and Baker is going to have to prove she belongs on top of the AEW Women’s division once again tonight.

Nyla Rose Shows Early Power

Rebel would join Baker on her way to the ring despite a recent knee injury, cheering her champion on. This one has a 60 minute time limit like all AEW Championship matches, but it’s doubtful it will go so far. Rose started off fast with a running shoulder tackle, before Baker would be able to wrestle her down to the mat.

Baker would fail to keep Rose down, and got launched with a press slam before Rose nailed a senton. Rose would get caught with a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle, before having his arm yanked over the rope to stretch it out. Working over that arm will soften her up for the lockjaw, which is just about an instant win.

Rose was taken down the mat once again, before rising up to nail some strikes. The crowd was behind Baker with loud D.M.D chants, but that didn’t help her as she ran into a uranage from Rose. Rose went for a rolling cannonball in the corner and Baker countered before hitting a slingblade.

Britt Baker Applies The Finisher Against All Odds

A big DDT would get a near fall, before she’d get the glove from Rebel. Rose went for a slam but was deftly countered into a lockjaw attempt. Baker was countered into a death valley driver, before Rose set up and nailed the diving knee drop. All that is left is Beast Bomb, but Baker countered into a swinging neckbreaker.

Some quick superkicks dropped Rose down before she’d kick out again. A crucifix bomb would get another attempt, and Baker would follow up with the curbstomp. Baker nailed a second, but Rose still kicked out. The belt was grabbed, and Baker went for the old Guerrero fakeout, but Rose countered before nailing the Beast Bomb for a two count. Baker would apply Lockjaw, and this was over.

This match started off rather sloppy, before climbing up in excitement near the end as they were able to nail big move after big move. It had some fun moments, but overall didn’t meet the hype. Match Rating: 2/5 (**)

Who will challenge Britt Baker next for the AEW World Women’s Championship?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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