AEW Fyter Fest Results: Orange Cassidy Defeats The Blade (07/21)

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The Butcher & The Blade have done some damage to folks on the AEW roster, but The Blade might have crossed the line when he used brass knuckles to punch out Orange Cassidy. OC & Kris Statlander got a win over The Blade & The Bunny in mixed tag team action recently, but that wasn’t enough. Tonight, OC is taking on The Blade one on one at Fyter Fest. Earlier in the night following Darby Allin vs. Wheeler Yuta, OC got another shot to the jaw from Blade, who jumped out of the stands.

The Blade Beats The Back Down

The music of OC would hit, and Blade was busy assuming OC was done and asked to have his hand raised. OC struck fast with a double leg takedown, before brawling with Blade on the outside. Back in the ring, OC would have Blade run the ropes before he feigned a knee injury. Blade was over near Bunny, who seemed to slip him something. Regardless, Blade played possum and nailed a running kick on OC.

OC would come back as he countered a suplex into the Stundog Millionaire. He’d head up top, and Blade would find him there and nail a gutwrench powerbomb right onto the top turnbuckle. The bounce was sickening, as he hit the floor hard on the way down. Blade was ready to throw OC into the barricades before pulling him into the ring.

Orange Cassidy Shows His Endurance

Between the attack earlier in the night and the powerbomb onto the top of the turnbuckle, Blade had a great gameplan in this match. OC would keep on fighting as he created space in the corner after flowing over the top rope. Blade was hit face first off the turnbuckle before OC nailed a crossbody and swinging DDT.

Kris Statlander was here to help fend off Bunny, but was pulled into the way of a dive from OC. Blade was shoved into Bunny to make things even, before OC looked for Beach Break but couldn’t do it with the hurt back. In the ring, Blade blocked a DDT and hit a front suplex to set up a lariat before a corkscrew tombstone for a two count.

OC went for Beach Break again, and was able to nail it in the middle of the ring for a two count, after a slow pinfall. Bunny tried to throw Brass Knuckles to Blade, and he’d get them before taking the Orange Punch. This was done, just like that.

For the blowoff to an odd feud, this match was oddly excellent. OC plays the ultimate underdog, and Blade proved to be a deadly and smart heel throughout. They built up a good storyline and ended in a satisfying way. Match Rating: 3.25/5 (*** 1/4)

Following the match, OC got revenge with a brass knuckles assisted Orange Punch, laying out Blade to get full revenge. He also kept the knuckles, so watch for those if he ever gets in a street fight. What will be next for Orange Cassidy?

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