Covington Warns “Ali Abdel-a-sleaze” that he is NOT the UFC’s matchmaker!

Colby Covington is not a fan of the manager's hands-on approach to his clients' fights.

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Colby “Chaos” Covington has engaged in yet another war of words, rather than fists and feet, this time with MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz. Covington reminded Abdelaziz, who manages his chief nemesis, Kamaru Usman, that he is not the UFC’s matchmaker.

Speaking with James Lynch, “Chaos” took aim at Abdelaziz in response to the manager’s claims that Covington brings less to the table for Usman than, for example, Nate Diaz. Abdelaziz may be one of the most influential managers in MMA, and have a greater public profile than many of the sport’s fighters, but Covington had no trepidation in repudiating him in typically dismissive style:

Covington warns “Ali Abdel-a-sleaze” that he is NOT the UFC’s matchmaker

“Fake news. That’s so standard and typical of Ali Abdel-a-sleaze, it’s just more fake news. He’s just putting out narratives that aren’t true and he’s just hoping that people are going to grasp his straws and believe it.

But [Usman] can’t get out of this ass-beating and deep down inside he knows that. Ali, you’re not the matchmaker to the UFC. You’re not Dana White, you’re not Hunter Campbell, you’re not Ari Emmanuel.

You’re nothing to that company, man. You’re a peasant to them. So stop talking with kings and let the big boys do business on our own.”

Covington may actually have a point here. No less than Dana White, the UFC’s president, has told the press that Covington v Usman 2 is the next fight to make for the welterweight champ

Abdelaziz’s comments, regardless of their validity, contradict those of the man at the top of the UFC food chain. Colby Covington’s heel persona may not be the nicest or most respectful in the fight game, but even a broken watch is right twice a day.

In their last fight, Kamaru Usman’s first title defense, Covington lost by way of fifth round knockout. Both men were, at the time, best known for their powerful wrestling-based style, but instead chose to stay on the feet and trade blows.

Covington has repeatedly declared this result illegitimate in echoes of his hero Donald Trump’s most recent loss. The rivalry between the two has only heated up since this fight.

Usman’s ever-increasing ability as a fighter, sealed by consecutive title defenses since the Covington fight, only adds fuel to Colby’s fire. Covington remains the highest-ranked welterweight, and hopes to challenge Usman by the end of the year.

Who wins the title fight? Does Colby follow through on his claims of superiority or will Usman continue his terrifying win streak? Let us know in the comments.

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