It’s Looking Like CM Punk Is Going To AEW

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CM Punk has had a weird career after seemingly retiring from wrestling back in 2014 WWE, followed by a short career in MMA. Then being a part of multiple different projects through the years.

It was a massive shock when he returned to WWE but not as a performer but as a guest host of a WWE show, but as mentioned back then, his contract was with Fox, not WWE. After that, speculation stated that CM Punk would make his in-ring return to WWE. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Fightful is now reporting that CM Punk is in talks with AEW to make his in-ring return.

CM Punk to AEW confirmed?

At the moment, we don’t have much information to go on. But Fightful reported that they have heard from multiple sources that talks have been happening with AEW.

There have been multiple talks with other companies, but none have gone that far, only expressing interest in CM Punk and not getting close to the dotted line. AEW seems to be now the promotion in talks to sign CM Punk for his return to the ring. At the moment, there has been nothing confirmed from either side.

CM Punk talking about his return

In the past, CM Punk has mentioned a couple of reasons he would return. One of them is the right price and looking at the current roster of wrestlers in AEW and their events. They do seem to have the money to sign CM Punk.

The other is the right story and matches. AEW has been praised for giving wrestlers creative freedom to tell their own stories through the brand. We could see CM Punk Debut at the upcoming All Out, which is located in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago.

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