Jake Paul vows to fight Canelo Alvarez and become world champion!

Jake Paul knows what he wants after the Woodley fight.

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Jake Paul, YouTuber-turned-boxer, has taken yet another jab at the combat sports world, this time setting his sights on world champion Canelo Alvarez.

Paul has taken the combat sports world on in disruptive fashion, repeatedly targeting MMA fighters for boxing matches and publicly criticizing Dana White’s business acumen. He knocked Ben Askren out in a boxing match earlier this year, and will soon face Tyron Woodley in the ring. 

Jake Paul vows to fight Canelo Alvarez and become world champion

As for his future plans, he’s already got them set. He wants the champ. Speaking at the press conference for his upcoming bout against Tyron Woodley, he said:

“I am the most impactful 3-0 boxer in history. No fighter has ever accomplished what I’ve accomplished after three fights.

“People say I don’t deserve it but I’m earning more than any fighter, three fights in. I haven’t been hit in the face in three fights. That’s a fact. That’s unheard of for a professional boxer.

I want to add experience, I want to go after Canelo in three years. I want to be a world champion.”

Jake Paul has yet to fight a boxer in a boxing ring. His boxing record thus far consists of three knockout victories, against a fellow YouTuber, a basketball player, and Ben Askren, a wrestler. Tyron Woodley represents Paul’s biggest challenge yet, but even the former UFC welterweight champion isn’t a professional boxer.

He’ll have to start boxing boxers if he wants the boxing world to take him seriously. Meanwhile, Paul seems content to keep taking swings at the MMA world. Of Floyd Mayweather training Woodley for their bout, he said:

“How is Mayweather going to teach you to beat me when he couldn’t even finish my brother? You will see a boxing clinic.

This man will not go more than three rounds. I will take Tyron into deep waters and drown him.

The MMA community wants to see Jake Paul fall, they are counting on Tyron, but he just won’t get the job done.”

While all three of Paul’s fights ended in a knockout, Tyron Woodley was a knockout specialist who defeated far tougher opponents than those Jake Paul has faced thus far.

Paul will have to defeat some very dangerous opponents after Woodley if he plans on fighting Alvarez, but stranger things have happened in the crazy world of combat sports.

Do you see Paul taking his burgeoning boxing career all the way to the top? Could the brash YouTube star be the one to defeat one of the finest boxers of his generation? Let us know in the comments. 

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