“Just disgusting” – Paul Felder SLAMS Conor McGregor’s Post-Fight Antics

Paul Felder was unimpressed with Conor McGregor's trash talk this time around.

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By now, everybody in the MMA community has seen or heard Conor McGregor’s outburst following the Poirier fight. Conor McGregor lay slumped on the canvas, his mangled foot sticking out at an unnatural angle against his shin, and screamed threats and jibes at the man who just defeated him for the second time in a row.

It was more of the same from the Irishman, whose pre-fight trash talk had already descended into death threats and jabs at Poirier’s family.

“Just disgusting” – Paul Felder SLAMS McGregor’s post-fight antics

One man who was not impressed was UFC commentator and retired fighter, Paul “The Irish Dragon” Felder. Felder voiced his disgust at McGregor’s actions on UFC Round-Up.

“You’re on the ground with your leg broken in half at the bottom, threatening to kill somebody, to a man who has just dominated you twice in a row now.

He could walk up and soccer kick you in the mouth, knock all your teeth out and leave you for dead on that canvas.

You’re the one who is in position to get killed, Conor, in that spot!”Felder continued, issuing an ultimatum to the former champion: “Show some humility.

Listen, this sport is violent. I get that. We’re supposed to beat the crap out of each other, knock each other out. But at the end of the day, it’s not about murder.

It’s not about your family. Leave those things out of your mouth, or get the hell out of the octagon, I never want to see you again.”

Felder recently retired from competition, citing his commitments to his young family as one reason. Felder once clashed with McGregor over his “Irish Dragon” nickname, with Conor criticizing the nickname despite Felder’s German surname. The ginger-bearded Felder claims Irish ancestry, but the nickname was only ever that – a moniker to distinguish the fighter during his career.

Felder, a veteran of MMA, described how there are certain lines in the sport that fighters simply should not cross. As the father of a young family himself, Conor ought to know better.

“It’s not a street fight, it’s not life and death. Obviously, in boxing and MMA, there’s injuries that cause people to literally die.

So to talk about that kind of stuff is just disgusting and we’ve mentioned that a million times. What he said was wrong.”

Did Conor McGregor go too far with his trash talk this time? Is Paul Felder right? Are there some things you just don’t talk about, or is it all just smoke and mirrors to promote McGregor’s ailing career? Let us know in the comments.

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