Khabib Nurmagomedov Says Broken Leg Was NO Fluke, Cocky Conor McGregor “Humbled by God” vs Dustin Poirier!

Khabib believes a higher power intervened to knock Conor McGregor down a couple of pegs.

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Conor McGregor’s greatest nemesis, Khabib Nurmagomedov, is a devout religious man. Nurmagomedov has no affection for McGregor, and while McGregor claims their rivalry was “all business”, it doesn’t seem like Conor has much love for the Russian who delivered him his most convincing loss.

Khabib believes that God was on his side, even in UFC 264, and that a higher power humbled the cocky Irishman.

Khabib: broken leg was no fluke, cocky Conor “humbled by God”

Nurmagomedov insists that the broken leg that ended the UFC 264 main event, and the McGregor v Poirier trilogy, was no accident, but a righteous act of God. Khabib told MMA Junkie:

“Always be there something superior, more powerful, than we have. Sometimes when people become, ‘I’m this, I can do this. I’m smart because I’m strong.’

God always going to make you humble. I saw yesterday or two days ago, I saw his coach’s interview like, ‘I don’t understand how this happened. He’s a strong. young, strong man and he broke his foot, I don’t understand.’

Everything from God. You have to become humble. When you become rich, when you become strong, when you become famous and then you think this is because of myself? God going to make you humble.”

Khabib may have retired from competition following the untimely death of his father, but he maintained his humble, god-fearing attitude throughout his stellar career. Khabib retired 29-0, adhering to his mother’s wishes that he avoid competition without his father at his side.

Nurmagomedov’s unassuming ringside attitude, coupled with the cold, ruthless mauling he unleashed on opponents, made him a superstar throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and among MMA fans the world over.

Conor, as ever, showed no humility post-fight. Crumpled on the canvas, he screeched and raved into the microphone, shouting threats at Dustin Poirier and goading his opponent’s wife as doctors attended to his mangled leg. McGregor may have lost the bout, the trilogy, and possibly his MMA career, but it will take more than a broken limb to humble Conor McGregor.

Dana White suggests that a fourth fight is on its way for Poirier and Conor, with the stoppage widely considered to be an dissatisfying result to the widely anticipated trilogy.

White surely remains hopeful that Khabib will return to MMA and take McGregor on once more, a rematch that would surely break all kinds of records for the sport. Either way, Conor McGregor will not compete until 2022 at the earliest, if he ever competes again at all.

Is this “humbling” the beginning of Khabib’s return to MMA, or is he done for good? Do you see Conor fighting again, and does he stand a chance against the UFC’s elite? Let us know in the comments. 

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