This Day in Wrestling History (7/20) – Razor Ramon made his WWE Debut

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This Day in Wrestling History is one that gave us the Bad Guy and one of the absolute best in ring and on the mic performers ever as Razor Ramon debut on WWE Superstars on July 20, 1992 taping.

He defeated Paul Vandale, Carmella’s father, and seamlessly stepped out of the television and into our living rooms as many of us got to see Scott Hall for the first time.

We instantly loved or hated him long before he and Kevin Nash tried to take over WCW four years later.

Pouring it on

Charisma poured from him, and he grabbed us and pulled us along for the ride, and it all started with him having a discussion with Vince McMahon about his character and not caring one way or the other.

Special thanks to @awrestlinghistorian for the following excerpt.

“It was a dream come true, bro. I’ll never forget going into a meeting. #VinceMcMahon goes ‘Well,

I understand your father’s in the army.’

“See, I knew I was going to meet with Vince, and I had been around seven years so I wasn’t that nervous. At this point, I figured I had nothing to lose. What are you going to do, send me home? Fuck you, man. I’ll bounce in a bar. I don’t care. Like, when you don’t care, you have power. There’s two times in this life, in my opinion, you have power. When you have enough power you don’t give an F. And when you have so little money, you don’t give an F.

“I said ‘Vince, you want me to be a G.I. Joe, I’ll be the best G.I. Joe I can be. Did you ever see Scarface?’

“He went, ‘Well, uh, no, I didn’t.’

“I went ‘Say hello to the bad guy.’ I just started to doing all that schtick with him. And having never seen the movie, Vince thinks I’m a genius. Know what I mean? You need somebody like me, man, so you can point your stinking finger and whisper, Look, there goes the bad guy.’ You’re never going to see another bad guy like me.

“He’s looking at me marking out. He doesn’t know I’m doing Tony Montana. He thinks I’m making this shit up. He said ‘We need a name.’

“I said ‘Well, how about Razor?’ I had been thinking about it. I had tossed around a few names. I liked Razor. At that time there was Razor Ruddock, the boxer.

“And Vince started laughing and went ‘Fine, fine. We need a last name.’

“So I ran out there and I was taking a piss and Tito Santana was washing his hands. I said, ‘Tito, I need a last name that starts with an R, man.’

“He went ‘Ramon.”Scott Hall, The Torch interview 2006

Thus began the beginning of an era that saw some it’s share of downs before Hall was part of professional wrestling’s resurgence in the Monday Night Wars as Hall helped user in numerous This Day in Wrestling History moments.

What was your favorite Razor Ramon moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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