UFC: Gilbert Burns Wants “Extra Check” To Fight Jorge Masvidal!

Gilbert Burns only just left the Octagon after destroying Wonderboy, but he's got his sights set on a new opponent.

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Gilbert Burns affirmed his status as a top-tier competitor with a decisive win over “NMF” Stephen Thompson this Saturday night. The unanimous decision victory followed three rounds of consistent pressure and performance from Burns, who already has his sights set on another opponent.

Burns wants to build up to a title shot. That much is clear. But with Colby Covington the most likely contender for Kamaru Usman’s seemingly unassailable welterweight title, Burns might just have to wait a while. In a post-fight interview, Burns declared his interest in moving on from Thompson to a meaner opponent:

Gilbert Burns wants “extra check” to fight Masvidal

“I just took the ‘NMF’ [Nicest Mother F*cker] belt. I can take the ‘BMF’ [Baddest Mother F*cker] belt.”

Burns is, of course, referring to the novelty belt Thompson was awarded by his team in parody of Jorge Masvidal’s own novelty belt, awarded by Dana White when Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz.

Burns went on to check the names of virtually every contender off his list: “If Leon wants it, he can get it. If Nate wants it, he can get it.

I know I just got a title shot, I can’t ask for another title shot. I don’t believe they’re gonna give it to me, so I want to keep working. I want to keep staying disciplined, keep getting better.

I need to find that balance to stay disciplined but at the same time get a finish. Just gonna keep working. Give me any one of these guys.

The only thing is I like the Masvidal fight a lot, but he just got two losses. He makes a lot of money, so [they] gotta give me an extra check to fight him.

I fight Masvidal next, but put me on a pay-per-view card and I’ll fight him, it’s gonna be a crazy one.”

Before he faced Usman, Burns was on a six-fight winning streak, and his victory over Stephen Thompson seems to mark a return to winning ways. Masvidal, on the other hand, is coming fresh off the back of two consecutive losses to Kamaru Usman. Masvidal, on his way up, stacked up headline-grabbing knockout victories over Darren Till and, by flying knee, Ben Askren.

Gilbert Burns no doubt has his sights set on the title. A fight against Masvidal would make money for Burns, who lacks Masvidal’s profile and controversy. It may raise Burns’ profile and help generate interest in an Usman rematch. 

How do you see this one going down? Does Gilbert Burns take Masvidal out on his way to Usman, or can Jorge return to his once-sensational winning ways and defeat one of the most dangerous men in the division? Let us know in the comments.

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