Why Orange Cassidy Should Never Win A Belt

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Orange Cassidy has become one of the biggest stars in AEW. He’s beaten Chris Jericho and created his own lazy style. However, his lazy gimmick is one of the main things that got Orange Cassidy over, and if you’re lazy, getting the champion would be the last thing you’d want to do, and that should be the next stage in Orange Cassidy‘s story.

He has had a couple of shots for the belt, the latest in a triple threat match with Pac and Kenny Omega. Where Kenny Omega won the match, however, looking at the gimmick, Orange Cassidy should stay lazy and away from the championship picture.

Inspired by the Undertaker

Back when the Undertaker was at the height of his career. He surprisingly didn’t win many titles throughout his whole career. All this was due to the fact that the Undertaker didn’t need a belt to be in the main event.

Orange Cassidy should go down this route of not needing the belt to look dominant. It also plays to his gimmick greatly with him being too lazy to win the champion belt but not so lazy that he won’t win any match he’s in.

All leads to a heel turn.

Then, when the gimmick starts getting old, with no payoff of him winning the belt. A heel turn can easily refresh the whole story of Orange Cassidy and Possibly ending with him going after a belt to annoy people. They can tell so many different stories with Orange Cassidy dodging the belts through being too lazy.

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