WWE NXT Results: Franky Monet Defeats Jacy Jayne, Bronson Reed Sits Down With Wade Barrett (07/20)

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When Franky Monet made her debut for NXT, we knew she wouldn’t waste time making major moves. While she’s not yet looking to claim the NXT Women’s Championship, she has been slowly taking over the Robert Stone Brand. She got into the ears of Aliyah & Jessi Kamea behind the back of Stone, and with Aliyah gone from NXT now? Monet has fully slipped in. She will be in action once again tonight on NXT, with Kamea in her corner.

Franky Monet Goes 3-0

Her opponent is Jacy Jayne, and they’d circle each other as this match started. Robert Stone made his way to ringside late, seemingly left out of the plans. Back in the ring, Monet missed a sliding lariat and got rolled up for a one count. Jayne hit an enzuguri & pump kick to Monet before missing a cannonball.

Monet would nail a running double knee strike for a two count, before rolling onto a ground and pound to the face of Jayne. A kick to the ribs followed, as Mandy Rose also came to ringside. She’d head to commentary and lay on the table, distracting commentary but not really Monet.

In the ring, Monet looked for a driver before Jayne slipped off and hit a hurricanrana. A running neckbreaker got Jayne a two count, before Monet got serious and nailed the Glam Slam for the win. Kamea & Stone would celebrate in the ring, while Rose seemed to vanish. Mandy Rose has something in mind for NXT, but isn’t playing her full hand just yet.

Bronson Reed Is Ready For Adam Cole

Wade Barret would sit down with Former NXT North American Champion, Bronson Reed. He worked his whole career to get to that moment, and it was over just like that. Reed isn’t just going to have a pity party however, as he simply wants to get bigger and better in the ring. Barrett would ask if the choice to call out Adam Cole was wise, but Reed knows what he is doing.

Reed knows that Cole is on top of NXT still, and if he wants to get back into the mix? Beating Cole is a way to do just that. Next week, he has that chance, and that match could be bigger than his match with Gargano or Swerve in terms of what it could do for his career. Can Bronson Reed defeat Adam Cole? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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