AEW Dynamite Recap & Results (10/9/19)


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AEW Dynamite Recap & Results (10/9/19)

Jordan Huie here, for the Overtimer, here to make my recaption for AEW Dynamite! I’d have done it last week except I was there in DC for the show live! But I’m here for this now, giving you the blow-by-blow on all the action. You can see my preview and predictions for this show here!

Thank goodness, it wasn’t pre-empted! AEW Dynamite is here live on TNT!

As advertised, we’re starting off with the tag team tournament’s first match! And this one might just steal the show right off the bat! SCU, The Hybrid-2 and other tandems are watching from the crowd. It’s also mentioned that in the event of a draw, both teams are eliminated!

The Young Bucks vs. Private Party (AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinals)

Arm wringer sequence begins. Nick Jackson escapes, Kassidy avoids some superkicks, just narrowly. Nick spits some gum into Kassidy’s face seems like. Lured to the corner, Matt gets him with a WWE Headkick, tags in, baseball slide tags out Quinn, double dropkick in the ring. Arm wringer, work the arm over with a double foot stomp off the top rope, Nick tags in, takes Quin off the apron. Kassidy reverses a double suplex attempt, takes Matt to the floor, gets a high enziguri on Nick, asai moonsault to Matt! Quen tags in, suicide dives on both sides, then tope con hilos on both sides! Crowd going crazy, this one’s hard to recap but I love it! 450 in the ring, nearfall!

Nick avoids a charge in the corner, both Bucks in, double superkick to Quen, another one to the springboarding Kassidy! Sunset flip powerbomb attempt off the apron from Kassidy, Kassidy holds on but Matt makes him pay, ripping him from the apron and running a long way until powerbombing him right onto the apron, geeze! Back in the ring, Powerbomb/Sliced Bread gets nearfall! Nick transitions right into the Sharpshooter! Quen escapes to the ropes! “This is awesome” chant naturally starts. Quen ken to the corner, quick tags and isolation. They shoot Quen to the ropes, double hip toss into a double dropkick, nearfall. Chant of “Tag Team Wrestling” serenades them as they get a catapult into a WWE Headkick! Matt keeps Quen stretched across the knees for a springboard double foot stomp! Call for a superkick party, but Quen grabs a superkick from Matt and throws the leg into Nick! Dives for the tag but Matt clips him off. Quen hops over the charging Matt in the corner, rolls over, but Kassidy gets ripped from the apron by Nick! Matt with a big spear, very narrow nearfall!

Matt with clubbering blows, double suplex on Quen, he escapes with a double pele! Finally dives for the tag, Kassidy comes out with a missile dropkick taking them both out! Tries to kip up, but his back gives out a bit, selling that bomb to the ramp! Still fights, double headscissor, gets Nick out of there! Kassidy is hurting but pounds Matt. Screams and starts to hit the ropes, only for Matt to pound the small of his back! They attempt their Private Party special but, sorry got interrupted in my editing there. Matt now has Kassidy in a sharpshooter, springboard 450 to the back from Nick making it all the worse! But heroically, Kassidy prevails to the ropes! They want a fireman’s carry roll, but Quen blind tags in, takes out Matt, Gin & Juice to Nick! Quen up top… Shooting Star Press!!!! Wooh, barely kicked out! That got me. I don’t know all their finishers yet!

Quen stays on him, pounds him in the ropes, Matt slips beneath him, pumphandles into Tombstone position! They look for the Meltzer Driver, but Kassidy rips Nick off the apron, and Quen reverses into an inside cradle! HE GETS THE THREE!!!

Winners: Private Party

Holy hell! What a massive upset! Absolutely crazy stuff!

Funnily an inset commercial for the celebration. I suppose this might just be what they do the whole time. I was at AEW Dynamite live last time, so I actually didn’t see what it was like on TV. Private Party in the crowd for a lengthy stay, slapping hands and making their way up the stands. Man, what a special moment, really didn’t see it coming!

It’s still going on when we come back. And Jericho’s theme hits! Out comes the newly established stable. Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz. They’re all fairly different from each other and look it as they arrive.

Jericho introduces himself as Le Champion of AEW. Last week the debut episode of AEW Dynamite took the world by storm, the highest rated premiere in TNT history and it’s all because of him. Chant of “Thank You Jericho” but he demands they shut up and sit down. At the end of the episode you saw the five of them raise hell, he says “We are next, we are now!” He claims the four of them are their confidants. Everyone’s asked if they’re gonna keep working together, if they have a name. He says yes.

He introduces Sammy Guevara as a Spanish God, demanding we look at how sexy he is. Not only is he a teenage hearthrob but he’s one of the greatest athletes at his age in a long time, and he’s on his list. (Repurposed!) And he points out the psychos, Santana and Ortiz! He claims they’re dirtier than they’ve ever been, nastier than they’ve ever been, street fight back alley brutes and he likes it! That’s why they made his list. Viva La Raza! Aw, yeah, it’s Eddie’s birthday…

Jericho then moves onto Jake Hager. He says he’s a former world champ but more importantly, he’s the toughest in MMA. He stops to claim “We the people sucks and it’s dead and buried.” The crowd was chanting it loudly, but popped massively as Jericho buries the stupid creative who came up with it. Enormous “AEW” chant. Jericho points out that Hager is undefeated in MMA and that makes him the toughest man in AEW, the toughest man in the entire business. He’s not afraid to challenge any boxer, wrestler, street bum, anybody!

Jericho announces their name: the Inner Circle. And they’re taking control of AEW no matter who thinks they’re in charge. He doesn’t care if you’re the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega or “that stupid son of a bitch Cody!” He claims Cody has been entitled his entire life, and he doesn’t like him and he doesn’t like his family. He says Dusty was a jerk and Dustin is a moron. And most importantly, when Cody challenges for the AEW Championship, “I’m gonna beat the ever-loving shit of you”!

Cool group name. High hopes for this stable!

Before our next match, Havoc is in an inset promo, talking about the inhuman amounts of pain and violence he’s suffered in his 15 years. But he says he likes the pain, he likes the violence! And tonight, Darby Allin gets to feel his pain. Tonight, he becomes No. 1 Contender to Chris Jericho’s AEW World Championship and everyone’s gonna feel his pain.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Darby Allin

Darby offers a handshake after the bell rings. Jimmy looks to the crowd. Takes the hand, tries to punch but Darby ducks. La Magistral gets a quick 2! Jimmy picks the leg, jackknife cover for 2! Staredown. Jimmy spits in Darby’s face, Darby ducks a spin kick, gets him with his super high springboard arm drag! Kicks him away off an idiot charge, running dropkick knocks him into the corner! Darby wants to suplex Jimmy fro mthe apron, Jimmy counters by biting the fingers! Shoulder block to the gut. Havoc wants the suplex now, Falcon Arrow to the floor! Goodness!

Rolls him into the ring, gets the cover, Darby kicks out. He’s in trouble now as a loud dueling chant starts. Havoc grabs his wild punches, puts his fist to the mat and stomps the arm. Wearing down the fingers now. Irish whip from one corner to the other! Takes him down, bites the fingers for a long while, gets some heat doing it. Continues working the arm in the corner, until Darby rolls over an idiot charge, gets some back body blocks but Jimmy goes up to the middle rope and counters into a choke. Hops to the mat, Sleeper Hold Suplex spikes Allin! Darby rolls to the floor as Havoc poses. Definitive heel here. Commercial break.

We come back to Darby trying to fight back with body shots, but a sharp rolling elbow gets 2! Death Valley Drive into the turnbuckle for a nearfall! Tiger Driver ’98, spikes him, Darby barely gets his hand to the rope to break it up! Havoc is stunned, and gets caught with a crucifix for a quick 2! Havoc is frustrated, stomps the head to more heat! Havoc wants the Acid Rainmaker but Darby counters, eating his fingers in retaliation! Gets his wild Stunner variation, goes up top, Coffin Drop! And that is that!

Winner: Darby Allin

Helluva match! Next week’s gonna be really interesting.

Women’s tag match is next after the break!

Wow, that title is really small and yet it looks so big on Riho.

Bea Priestley & Emi Sakura vs. Britt Baker & Riho

Emi and Riho tie up to start. Clean break off the ropes, Riho wants a whip, Emi reverses, Riho ducks a shot, crossbody but Emi counters slamming her down. Riho yogas her way out of a pinfall attempt! Big “Riho” chant as Riho wants a suplex, but Emi just keeps planted. Hair whip throws Riho across the ring to some boos. Bea hooks Riho in the corner as the ref is momentarily distracted. Crisp scoop slam takes Riho down hard. Emi gets a surfboard in, then just tosses her away from that position!

Isolation commences with a tag to Bea, who instead goes right for Britt Baker, knocking her to the floor and brawling with her! Tosses Britt into the barrier! Aubrey Edwards tries to get involved, distracting Bea and Britt charges right in for a furious Thesz Press! Emi works Riho over in the ring, sees Britt about to get suplexed onto the floor, goes out to help, double suplex slams Britt into the floor! But Riho up top, crossbody takes both girls down! Commercial. Match continues in the inset, Riho ducks a couple of clotheslines, spinning headscissor takes Bea to the middle rope! Tiger Feint Kick! Bea barely kicks out. Tag to Baker!

But Bea cuts her off right away, double foot stomp off the middle rope looked to get her right in the neck! Simultaneous roundhouse kicks to Baker! Leghook Sleeper Suplex spikes Baker! Riho runs in to break up the pin, but eats a roundhouse kick to the head! Brief standoff… Bea and Britt exchanging blows in the middle! Bea gets taken to the apron, Riho off the top with a double foot stomp to the back! Britt with the pin, Emi comes in to break it up.

Emi drags Bea to her corner, makes the tag. Vicious knife edge chop, double underhook backbreaker. Emi starts clapping, wanting to get them to chant for her but only earns boos. Running crossbody into Britt in the corner, elbow drop off the second rope for 2. Britt slips out of an arm wringer, big cutter! Emi keeps up the offense anyway though, chops her ’til Riho comes in, victory roll into a double foot stomp to the stomach! Riho with a dive to take out Bea, Britt with a rolling neckbreaker to Emi, nearfall! Emi knees her way out of a side headlock, but Britt gets her with a Ripcord Elbow, Paige Turner, gets her down in a submission and grabs her by the teeth to get the submission!

Winners: Britt Baker & Riho

Afterwards, Britt and Bea start brawling again, until Aubrey gets between them! She has to break them up twice. Eventually Bea and Emi bail. So I guess it’ll be Britt challenging Riho next week…

We see the dramatic hug from the Best Friends’ Road To bit, and now Alicia A is talking to the Best Friends in the crowd. She asks how they’re feeling going against SCU next week. Chuck Taylor says don’t ask us, ask this guy, and they make way to show Orange Cassidy. Huge ovation. Tiny thumbs up. But then… the lights go out!

I was thinking Dark Order but no, it’s Spears on his chair! Looks like this match is next! And interestingly, PAC is on commentary for it.

Shawn Spears vs. Jon Moxley

Moxley gets right in Spears’ face before the bell, Spears starts laying in punches as it rings! Big chop! Moxley reverses, more wicked chops! Big elbows in the corner! Crowd counts to ten just before it gets rapid! Snapmare, kick to the back! PK! Elbow drop as a loud “Let’s go Moxley” chant kicks up, pin for a 1 count. Spears ducks a chop, hits another. This is just an energetic brawl as predicted. Shoot to the ropes, forearm takes him down. Spears bails as Moxley gets the crowd into a frenzy. Pursues Spears, running knee to the back lays him out. Whip to the barrier, shoves it back! Chokes Spears out with the boot. Tully sneaks up and grabs at Mox, Mox stares him down, Spears with a cheap shot but gets shoved into the barrier! Flying punch off the apron!

Mox gets Spears back into the ring. Up on the apron, Spears gets Mox with a hotshot. Distracts the ref, Tully rushes up and sends Moxley careening right into the steps! Spears out, whips Moxley into the barricade. Slams the face into the steps. Slam to the apron. Chops ensue yet again! Gets him onto his shoulders, huge running Death Valley Driver, spikes his head into the floor and into the corner barricade simultaneously! Good God. Commercial, but we continue in the inset.

Moxley fights to his feet, gets back into the ring but Spears wears him down. Leans him against the ropes, big chops! Lotta those in this match. Moxley responds with some of his own, sudden dropkick from Spears! Cover gets 2. Stomp to the gut. Spears takes Moxley outside, gets some water, spits it right in his face! This wakes him up, Moxley throwing hands! Spears rolls into the ring, Mox pursues, yet more hands. Spears reverses a whip with a Sit-out Spinebuster for 2 as we come back! Single leg boston crab. Mox rolls through, kicks Spears in the face, but gets taken to the outside! Spears with a suicide dive! Throws Moxley into the ring and poses… Moxley with a Suicide Dive of his own! Mox throws him into the corner, chops and knees! Spears reverses a whip, idiot charge meets a big boot, Mox drops a kneepad and gets him with a brutal running knee to the face for 2!

Ten minutes remain. Spears hoists Moxley up onto his shoulders, drops him into a thrust kick to the gut. Trading chops and blows again! Huge slap to the face! Mox hits the ropes, Spears counters with a pump kick, Mox with a strong style rebound into a huge clothesline! Tries for the Paradigm Shift, Spears escapes, Ushigoroshi for a nearfall! Spears shows Moxley the ten fingers, Mox grabs the wrists, short-arm headbutt to the face! Brutal, leads to the Paradigm Shift and that is that!

Winner: Jon Moxley

As I thought, a fiery brawl, good match, solid win for Mox. Pac stares on angrily… as out comes Kenny Omega with a barbed wire bat… and a barbed wire broom! That’s hilarious. He just stands on the ramp as Mox slowly makes his way up… Omega tosses the bat to Mox’s feet, letting him have it! Big “Holy shit” chant breaks out as we are set for a square off! But Pac dashes up and lays Omega out with a chair shot to the back of the head! Mox hollers at PAC as he leaves, then cuts his eyes towards Omega. He contemplates using the bat on the helpless Omega, but thinks better of it, tossing it aside.

Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/ Jake Hager)

Dustin and Sammy start us out. Sammy wants none of him. Tags to Jericho who comes in, beckons to the crowd, quick tag to Sammy like last week but Dustin charges and knocks Jericho to the outside! Pursues and stomps him against the barrier! Tosses him into a ringpost! Ref gets between them, but Dustin tosses Jericho over the barrier, Sammy comes from off the top but Dustin catches him with an uppercut! In the ring, huge hooking clothesline takes Sammy down!

Tag to Hangman, Dustin whips Page in for a thunderous clothesline in the corner! And another lariato flips Guevara to an ovation! Crossbody attempt, Hangman catches him, Fallaway Slam! Pescado takes Jericho down on the floor! Back in the ring, Hangman gets a pumphandle in, another Fallway, bridge for 2! Wicked chop, tag to Dustin. From the knees, big uppercut! Power whip to the corner, Guevara slings to the mat. Dustin with the stomps, slams his frame into the shoulder. Tag to Hangman, double arm wringer, body blows, Dustin doubles him over with a kick, running knee from Hangman, back suplex from Dustin, Running Shooting Star from Hangman! Jericho has to break up the pin!

Hangman with a scoop slam, goes up top, Jericho runs over to cut him off, Hangman kicks him away but Sammy catches Page with a huge enziguri! Pursues him to the top rope, Fireman’s Carry, just lets him fall onto the top rope, brutal! Cover gets 2, commercial break. Come back to see Jericho working Hangman over, wants his charging senton against the ropes, Hangman evades it! Tag to Sammy, who manages to cut off Page’s tag attempt, gets him in a chinlock. Crowd claps Hangman to his feet, baaack suplex! Tag to Jericho as Page slowly crawls over to his corner, Jericho with slaps to the back of the head, just grabs the hair. Takes him to his feet and just keeps slapping until Hangman responds with right hands. Hits the ropes, eats an elbow.

Jericho goes for the Lionsault, Page gets the knees up! Page gets sooo close to the tag, but Jericho gets the tag first, Sammy hooks him! Page avoids a German Suplex, Sammy with a leapfrog, Page with an ENORMOUS Discus Lariat! Huge ovation as he finally makes his way over, gets the tag! Dustin just batters Guevara, Inverted Atomic Drops and uppercuts, twisting crossbody takes out both men! Lot of applause for Dustin. Whip to the ropes, Sammy with a kick to the face, hits the ropes, low bridge takes him to the floor. Page with a huge triangle moonsault takes Guevara down! Whips Sammy into the ring, ref is distracted as Hager gets a massive explosive clothesline in just laying Page out! In the ring, Dustin with a Code Red for a nearfall!

Gets Jericho in the corner, sets up for the Shattered Dreams! Sammy runs in, gorgeous snap powerslam takes him down! Jerico is begging off! Guevara grabs the ref as Hager rushes in, huge clothesline again! Boos rain down as Jericho comes in, Judas Effect, that’s that!

Winner: The Inner Circle

Great match. Finish works, I think Dustin/Hager is a Full Gear match.

Afterwards, they triple team Dustin! Hangman runs in to try and make the save, Hager clotheslines him over the top rope. Pursues… Hangman just tosses a chair right into his face! They brawl up the ramp! Meanwhile the beatdown on Dustin continues, but then the lights go out! When they come back, Cody is in the ring! Thunderous ovation, Cross-Rhodes to Sammy! Cody and Jericho face off to a huge reaction, until Santana and Ortiz rush the ring to jump him!

They pummel him, until MJF comes out with a chair! He stares them down, glares at Cody as they have him held… but then he turns and waylays them all with the chair! Ring is cleared as MJF poses! Biggest pop of his life for sure! But he poses too long, eats a Codebreaker! Now the Young Bucks run in, superkicks fly, stereo suicide dives! They brawl with Santana and Ortiz as Jericho bails with his title.

Cody, Dustin and the Bucks stand tall in the ring as Jericho skulks up the ramp… where Darby Allin rushes out to tackle him to the ramp! Lays in punches, whips out the skateboard and smashes him in the gut, than across the back! Darby in the ring as a loud chant of “AEW” comes up, babyfaces stand supreme this week!

Jericho gets on the mic as the Inner Circle backs up and claims that the stupid idiots don’t know what they’re dealing with! Says he’ll see Darby next week in Philly, “It’s your funeral, bitch!”

And that’s the note we go out on. Great show!

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