AEW Full Gear Preview | SCU vs. Lucha Bros. vs. Private Party | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Full Gear Preview | SCU vs. Lucha Bros. vs. Private Party | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Full Gear is the first All Elite Wrestling PPV to take place since the inception of Dynamite. It’s a landmark occasion, and I’m taking a look at every match announced for the show, one by one. I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer and here’s what we’re looking forward to on Saturday!

We’re now looking into our first of three title matches on the night, and it should be a wild one here…

AEW World Tag Team Championships: SCU (c) vs. Lucha Bros vs. Private Party

Woo boy! To quote certain analysts, this one is gonna have some MOVES. And I mean that in the best way possible! AEW’s tag division is built around exciting, past-paced matches and this one will be absolutely nuts even by those standards.

SCU is of course represented by Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, winners of the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Title tournament. Christopher Daniels is still on the injured list after the assault from the Lucha Bros, though I’d like to see him make a cameo here for the occasion. They’re deserving first-time champions in my estimation, but they have quite the challenge here for their first defense.

Lucha Bros are of course staggeringly popular, charismatic and extremely talented. I really would’ve been tempted to make them champs if I were booking, in all honesty. Perhaps they have plans for them in singles competition sooner than anticipated… either way, they’re an incredible team, perhaps the best in all of AEW. And that’s saying something, considering AEW has more of an emphasis on tag wrestling than any other promotion on Earth.

Private Party are wildcards to be sure, incredibly athletic, hot young rising stars for the future. One day they’ll hold these titles, of that there is no doubt. I wouldn’t expect it to be on this night. But then again, I didn’t expect them to upset the Young Bucks in their first-round match-up either!

Don’t blink during this match.

As I said above, this is gonna be fast-paced and high action. Even the Bucks’ own match on this show probably won’t be able to match it in that department. I sure don’t envy whoever’s writing up the play-by-play… oh wait, that’ll be me! Well hey, I’ll try my best!

There’s an argument to be made that the Lucha Bros should be holding those titles even as we speak. And there’s an argument to be made for making new stars now rather than months or years down the line, especially when they’re as obvious as Private Party have looked thus far.

But the simple fact is that SCU won those titles literally a week ago. They’ll be in their tenth day holding them by the time they get to AEW Full Gear. I wouldn’t generally condone a reign of that length at all, unless you have a very good storyline reason. I especially couldn’t condone it for the first reign in a title’s history, you gotta build up it’s prestige and let the first champs have a strong reign for atleast a few months’ worth. And like I said, they deserve the spot, SCU will make for fine cornerstones of the promotion for a time to come. So SCU to retain.

AEW Full Gear takes place November 9th in Baltimore, Maryland out of the Royal Farms Arena. It airs live on traditional PPV in America and on FITETV internationally.

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