AEW News: Trademark Filed For ‘AEW Revolution’

Also: Cody discusses TNT owners


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– There’s been much ado as to what AEW’s show on TNT will be called. The general thought was Wednesday Night Dynamite, which I don’t hate but I liked the idea a lot more when it was ‘Tuesday Night’. Just rolled off the tongue better, wouldn’t really put Wednesday in the name of a show. Anyway that speculation resurfaced today, because PWInsider is reporting that a new trademark for AEW has been filed.

Those who saw the press conferences and ticket rallies earlier in the year might recall a line spoken by Cody Rhodes. “It kind of feels like, it smells like, I don’t know it seems like a revolution.” Well, it’s been found out that All Elite Wrestling has applied to trademark the term ‘AEW Revolution’.

The trademark is for a variety of things, including merchandise, video streaming and yes, an ongoing television show about professional wrestling.

This has led to much speculation that it may well be the name of their weekly prime time show on TNT. And that’s entirely possible but for some reason to me, I think of that as the name of a PPV. Not sure, neither would surprise me! It’d be fitting really, they’re literally setting out to revolutionize the business as whole. So why not label your show that and set out on a revolution every single week?

But so far all of their PPV titles have also been significant historic callbacks. And that line is certainly one that’s stuck with people.  So, who knows?

In other AEW news…

– Recently, Cody Rhodes spoke to Busted Open Radio. He talked about the deal with TNT and how the network today differs from the ones that were behind WCW. AEW being on TNT has made the WCW comparisons all too prominent and TNT have been happy to hearken back to those days in subtle ways on social media as well. But Cody feels they’re completely different. You can see what he has to say on the matter below: (h/t

“There is no one in the Turner group, who was there during the WCW time. That, to us, is a massive blessing. There is no pre-existing grudge or thought on what wrestling is going to be. Kevin Reilly, who is the President of the network, his relationship with Tony Khan helped propel us to the platform and the spot. Kevin has been the Ted Turner, how Ted was to WCW, [Kevin] has been that to AEW. He’s listened and talked to us about what’s important, what we’re passionate about, what makes us different from any other wrestling on TV. He likes the mission. There can be this alternative.”

While TNT was an incredible blessing to WCW, it did hold them back in a couple of key ways. Common sentiment is that they weren’t too happy to have blood, sex and violence on their network. In theory that could run against AEW’s want to be an edgy alternative. But that’s really only a smart part of what makes AEW so different from WWE in the first place. And it was always a prevailing thought that they’d limit their most violent matches to PPV anyway.

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