AEW Road To All Out Episode 4 Recap & Analysis


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After the Spears/Cody contract signing last week, we’re up now with AEW Road To All Out Episode 4.

We start with a classical tribute to Harley Race before going right to Alex Marvez in the Control Room. He discusses TripleMania XXVII, and shows some highlights from the matches in which AEW’s EVPs guest starred. He then takes us to Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes to talk about how the AEW Women’s Champion will be crowned.

Brandi announces that the Casino Royale, the royal rumble riff from Double or Nothing, will return at All Out, this time with 21 women.

I didn’t publicly predict this, but I did have a feeling they would do something similar after they announced the Women’s title would be unveiled at All Out, and announced that the champion would be crowned October 2nd.

Brandi points out that currently, there aren’t 21 women signed to AEW. In fact, by my count we only have 12 at the moment… so that’s seemingly a lot of guest spots. Brandi hints that the winner could be a total unknown, an old favorite that you didn’t expect to see, or perhaps… Teal Piper. The daughter of Roddy Piper. I actually had no idea he had a daughter that wrestled.

She discusses how much people used to hate Roddy Piper in his heel days and outright tried to kill him at points. Teal went into the odd dynamic of how much he loved the business versus how much he never wanted her to enter it. But she says that led to her growing a love for it more as an adult. Cut to the poker table… where Jake Roberts is dealing the cards! Awesome!

Teal takes her card, and notes that where she comes from, they’re taught to change the questions. And then we see him deal another card… taken up by Ivelisse of Lucha Underground fame! Got a little excited at that one.

For those who don’t know, Ivelisse is a roughhouse brawler and a really solid addition.

I was gonna say I was amazed to not hear a “You wanna play 21?!” reference… but there it is. Jake announces he’s got 22 as he tosses out a card… to Jazz?! Wow, didn’t see that one coming. She proudly declares that the bitch is back. So we’ll be seeing her at the All Out Casino Royale as well.

We then see a video for Nyla Rose. She addresses her upbringing and having to put on a face and pretending to be something she’s not due to societal pressure. Nyla is of course transgender. They haven’t touched on that at all but it’s being embraced here. Nyla notes that, to her surprise, it was when she got into wrestling that she really started to fit in and feel embraced.

Nyla talks about how validating it was to be signed and be told by those she looked up to that she was on the right track. Really seems to be speaking from the heart. Nyla says that her sitting here today will hopefully lead to a huge leap of progress. That’s why she’s so transparent about who she is.

The episode ends there… very fun one, decent bit of news. Check the whole episode out yourself below:

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