WWE Raw Results (12/9/2019) Seth Rollins Reveals Allegiance To AOP, Lays Out Kevin Owens

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to continue the coverage of tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. And as WWE Raw continues, we’ve just seen a big revelation in the major angle that’s been the focus of Raw these past few weeks – the situation that’s been brewing between Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Akam & Rezar – the AOP!

Kevin Owens spent the entire first two hours of the show in hot pursuit of the big man tag team. His chase saw him going through backstage with a lead pipe – loaned to him by WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio – until he found the van that AOP arrived to the show in. He assaulted it with the pipe, breaking windows and opening up the back of the van. He found a rolling chair in the back of the car, only to be jumped by AOP before he could see who was sitting inside it.

The chair then spun around and the man in the chair revealed himself to be Seth Rollins!

He proceeded to nail Owens with a curbstomp right onto the cement floor. Swiftly after, he appeared on the stage to give a scathing heel promo berating the audience for forcing his hand and blaming them for his own turn. It was, for my money, the best promo he’s had in years. You can see excerpts of my recaps of these happenings below:

Inside the van is a sliding chair in fact. It slides around and the man sitting there with a hoodie reveals himself to be Seth Rollins! Big heat. Rollins says it’s come to this. It’s a shame! He’s sorry. Hits the Stomp on Kevin, right onto the cement! Rollins and AOP leave together.

After commercial, Rollins comes out to the stage to some biiiig heat! Rollins asks what they want from him! Says the fans and himself used to get along, they used to see eye-to-eye and somewhere along the way everything went wrong and he’s wondering why! He did everything right! He never took a week off, he left everything in that ring, put it all on the line for each and every one of you! Big boos.

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