Could Zack Sabre Jr. Take Over NJPW’s Suzuki-Gun Faction?

When Zack Sabre Jr made his debut in NJPW, he quickly joined the vicious heel faction of Suzuki-Gun. He would become the student of Minoru Suzuki, even winning the British Tag Team Championships with him in Revolution Pro Wrestling. They defeated Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) for the titles, and would hold them for a staggering 475 days. Under the learning tree of Suzuki, Sabre has only become a stronger all around wrestler. Maybe even to the point where he is possibly going to overtake his teacher. With Suzuki’s status in NJPW rather rocky due to rumors of him not being under contract, could Suzuki-Gun become Sabre-Gun soon?

Not The First Takeover Of The Faction

Before it was Suzuki-Gun, it was known as Kojima-Gun, and was controlled by Satoshi Kojima. It only existed in this form for a few months, as it was formed on January 11th, 2011 and was taken over by Minoru Suzuki in May of the same year. Since then, they have been seen in NJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH, causing havoc wherever they show up. The only lasting members of the group since those days are Taichi & Taka Michinoku, two men who have gotten very close to Zack Sabre Jr. Taichi is Sabre’s tag team partner in Dangerous Tekkers, and Taka Michinoku has mainly served as a corner man for Sabre in recent years.

Zack Sabre Jr. Is Going To Try To Do What Minoru Suzuki Couldn’t

At New Beginning In Osaka, we saw Minoru Suzuki go to war with Jon Moxley over the IWGP United States Championship, but despite his best efforts he was unable to take down the champion. After the match, a weakened Moxley would strike and choke out Jon Moxley, deciding he will be the next to challenge for the championship. If he is able to beat Jon Moxley when Suzuki was unable to, it might help create the doubt within Suzuki-Gun that he will need to take the group over. A match between Suzuki & Sabre Jr would a technical masterpiece, and something fans of NJPW would love to see.

Do you think Zack Sabre Jr. would be able to run a faction like Suzuki-Gun in NJPW, or is Suzuki the only man who can control this group of thugs? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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