Kevin Kelly Interviews David Finlay For ‘NJPW Together’ Programming

The 2nd Tier NJPW Trueborn Has Come A Long Way
David Finlay Defeating Tama Tonga During The First Night Of Wrestle Kingdom 14 At The Tokyo Dome On January 4, 2020 For The IWGP Tag Team Championship With FinJuice Tag Team Partner Juice Robinson Watching On via New Japan World

David Finlay is a second-tier (received professional wrestling training elsewhere first) New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Noge Dojo trueborn, graduating from the dojo in approximately September 2016, a part of the unofficial fifth generation of professional wrestlings most prestigious training program. 

Thus far he is a former NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champion and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion (w/Juice Robinson). Along with Robinson, Finlay won the 34th iteration of the World Tag League (formerly known as MSG Tag Leauge, IWGP Tag Title League, Super Grade Tag Leauge, and G1 Tag League).

Finlay is the son of former 4x Catch Wrestling Association World Middleweight Champion, 6x British Heavy Middleweight Champion (Joint Promotions), 1x WCW Television Champion, and 1x WWE United States Champion — Fit Finlay. Fit wrestled approximately 101 matches during his in-ring career inside an NJPW ring. David’s grandfather, David Finlay Sr was a professional wrestler between 1963-1989. His great grandfather was also a wrestler and promoter.

Recently David had a conversation with NJPW Play-By-Play announcer Kevin Kelly apart of NJPW’s NJPW Together program initiative. “Steak. Steak is a lot of fun,” Finlay answered when Kelly asked what he likes to cook around the house. Finlay would then talk about how he enjoys using a seasoned cast-iron skillet for butter-basted steaks.

“For me it was normal…” Finlay began when asked about his childhood growing up in professional wrestling, “…I didn’t realize your dad being a professional wrestler wan an atypical thing.”

“I never got persuaded to do anything from him,” Finlay said concerning his father attempting to convince him to do anything else besides professional wrestling. “He just wanted me to be happy with whatever I did, and wanted me to give it my all.”

Celebration after FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) [Pictured with trophies] won NJPW’s World Tag League on December 8, 2019 via NJPW
Finlay spoke about how he found professional wrestling in South Africa after volunteering around the country after graduating from high school, before detailing what it was like being in the NJPW Noge Dojo with Juice Robinson and Jay White, who both are also second-tier graduates of the original NJPW dojo.

He would also detail how the entire group, including 4x IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champions Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh), all got along well with each other.

“I love tag team wrestling, and I view myself as a tag team wrestler,” Finlay said when speaking about last year’s World Tag League victory as a member of FinJuice.

Before the interview ended, Finlay teased his younger brother may be entering the wrestling business soon. With David’s obvious connections to NJPW, he could end up being the second Finlay to enter the NJPW Dojo system.

The entire interview can be seen on NJPW World.

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