Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville Brawl On MizTV | WWE SmackDown Results (6/19/2020)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues with Shorty G now taking on Mojo Rawley. Later Mandy Rose will be on MizTV.

Shorty G vs. Mojo Rawley

Mojo immediately drives Shorty G into a corner and nails him with some shoulder thrusts, takes him to another and facewashes. Mojo yells in G’s face and power whips him to another corner. Starts hoisting him up but G escapes behind him, trips him down for an Ankle Lock but Mojo fights up and nails him. Charges, but Shorty counters with a Northern Lights Suplex. He charges but Mojo pancakes him onto the top rope, then nails the ever-popular Pounce for a nearfall! Mojo with a head and arm choke, whips him to the ropes and looks for a Tilt-A-Whirl but Shorty turns that into a Piggyback Sleeper for a moment. Mojo throws him to the mat but Shorty low bridges him to the floor to get a breather. Mojo frustratedly re-enters the ring, hits a charging forearm. Goes for another but Shorty ducks it and turns it into a German Suplex! Goes up top, wants a Crossbody but he lands perfectly on Mojo’s shoulders, he tries for the Hyperdrive but Shorty counters that into a lovely inside cradle for the win!

Winner: Shorty G

Shorty celebrates big like it was a significant victory.

The Miz and John Morrison are out for another episode of MizTV. Miz admits that Morrison had the Universal Champion pinned and he pulled him off – he lost focus. Morrison says he had a lapse in judgement but the important thing is why that happened; they changed the rules! Miz says right at the last second they told them that the one who pinned him got the title rather than sharing it. Morrison says you can’t change the rules right before the big game, it doesn’t happen anywhere else. Miz says they also had to think about that canned ham with body hair, Otis Dozovic with him threatening to cash in after the match if they won. That brings them to their guest for tonight, Mandy Rose.

So she comes out. Miz wants to talk about her best friend – she corrects them with EX best friend – Sonya Deville. They ask her if she ever noticed that she was upstaging her, a bad friend and that Sonya was obviously always the better fighter. Mandy starts to leave but Miz stops her and says they have a surprise for her. They then actually bring out Sonya. Mandy asks if we’re really still on this? She can understand she’s mad but she’s the one who went behind her back to try and sabotage her career and her personal life. Whatever she thinks she did, she’s done with it, Sonya. Deville says she only wishes she could be done because week after week she watched her stand in this ring and get the spotlight and she doesn’t know what she did to deserve it.

Without Miz and Morrison she’d be in catering twiddling her thumbs. The promotion for the show said “Mandy Rose on MizTV” and she asks what she’s done with these opportunities? Won matches? Nope. Said anything of value that meant anything? Definitely hasn’t done that. Ah yes, she made out with Otis poolside so everyone can see, she must be so proud of herself! Mandy asks what is it that she wants from her? She can hurt her physically but she’s still standing here. She can hurt her emotionally but unlike her, she has people by her side and Otis has been there for her, loyal since day one.

So what is it that Sonya has besides being ‘a fighter’ with air-quotes? Says Sonya is alone and asks how long she’ll hold onto these petty resentments. Sonya says she wants to know what it takes to get the Mandy Rose treatment, asks what the difference is between them and when she looks at the two of them, all she sees is THIS and she gestures towards her figure. Sonya says she’s going to take piece and piece from her until her outsides are as ugly as what’s inside. She attacks her and takes her to the mat to pound her. Mandy fights back until Deville hides behind Miz and Morrison to leave the ring. After Deville gets away, Mandy slaps Miz right across the face.

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