Matt Riddle def. AJ Styles | WWE SmackDown Results (6/19/2020)

WWE SmackDown continues. We’ve got an impromptu AJ Styles/Matt Riddle match here, announcer starts to call it a title match but AJ grabs the mic and says in case you didn’t see the sign, no shirt, no shoes, no title match for you.

WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle (Non-title)

Riddle immediately takes control of Styles with a Gutwrench Suplex, and he holds on for a second and a third! Cover for a 2 count. AJ with a Jawbreaker to try and get the momentum back. Ducks a high kick and looks for a waistlock but Riddle with the switch. AJ drives him into the corner, back elbow. He laughs and gallivants a bit only for Riddle to catch him with a brutal roundhouse kick to the face. Broton, cover for 2. He drives AJ into the corner and pounds on him, roars with intensity but Styles catches him with a dropkick. Matt with strikes taking him to the opposite corner though, until AJ stops him with a throat thrust, clothesline takes him to the apron! He grabs him by the hair to yank him to his feet, Riddle with a forearm, starts to drag him outside the ring, AJ kicks him and Riddle knocks right into King Corbin – yeah by the way all the onlookers are still around the ring for the some reason – and Riddle immediately starts arguing with him. Commercial break.

When we come back, AJ has taken over in the ring, forearm to the face. We see during the break that the distraction from Corbin helped AJ nail him with a Baseball Slide. Takes him into the ring, Pendulum Backbreaker. Roundhouse kicks to the chest ensue. Riddle shakes his head and flexes, so AJ instead punches him right in the face. Takes him to his feet, snap suplex and a cover for 2. AJ with a series of blows. Pulls him, snapmare and there’s the kneedrop to the face. Dragonscrew Legwhip and now he’s targeting that leg. Riddle fights back with a forearm but AJ takes him to the ropes, ducks a roundhouse kick and clips him with a chop block! Grabs a leg, Matt stops him with a high knee to the face, combination of strikes exchanged. Riddle hoists him up for a running Fisherman’s Suplex! Riddle evades a corner charge, corner forearm into an Exploder Suplex!

Wants the PK but AJ avoids it only to get the Broton again for a nearfall. Now he’s cinched in the Bromission, AJ stacks him up for 2 and forces the break. Matt hoists him onto his shoulders, AJ counters the Bro To Sleep by escaping out the back and rolling him into the Calf Crusher! Riddle struggles for a moment but then grabs the bottom rope for the break. Styles is looking for the Phenomenal Forearm but Riddle stops him and hoists him from the top rope directly into the Bro Derek for the victory!

Winner: Matt Riddle

Well, it’s pretty clear they don’t expect those allegations to pan out in this case because they just up and had this dude beat AJ Styles clean in his first match. Sorta surreal.

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