The Young Bucks def. Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc | AEW Dynamite Results (6/17/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite rolls on as we have the Young Bucks in their first traditional tag team match on Dynamite since February, as they go up against the Superbad Death Squad, Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Superbad Death Squad (Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian)

Jimmy immediately targets Matt’s taped ribs at the start of the match. Forearm to the back, drives him into the corner. Takes him to the opposite corner, grinds the knuckles into his injured ribs. Double team as Nick tags in with a pulleover elbow drop, double back elbow to Kip who comes in, double fist drop as well, double dropkick to Havoc and finally a Stereo Tope to both as soon as they slip outside! Back into the ring, both teams huddling up in their corners. Kip charges in but eats a fist from Nick! Havoc tags in, demands Nick him him as well and he does, spin kick to the gut, takes him to the corner, Matt tags in, pullover senton to Havoc, baseball slide dropkick to Sabian, Flip Neckbreaker/Backbreaker combo!

Nick poses on the second rope and the Butcher and the Blade jump the rail to confront him! They climb up to the apron as well, the referee is all sorts of distracted, Havoc hits Matt in the back with a Wet Floor sign! Cover for a nearfall! They take Matt to the corner for the quick tags and isolation, that tape around his ribs is starting to fall off as well. Much double teaming, most of it focusing on the ribs of Matt Jackson, in the inset. We come back to see Havoc torturing the hand as well. Dumps him to the elevated ramp. Butcher and Blade go up there to the ramp as well… but here come FTR to confront them once again! Sabian tags in and kicks him in the gut, snapmare and a kick to the shoulder blades, Havoc sets Matt up for the punt from Kip! But Knox tells him it’s wide left. Matt takes Kip to the apron but Havoc with an uppercut, headkick from Kip, basement dropkicks from both men!

Tag to Havoc, who just mocks Nick. Nick wants in the ring which distracts the ref again, Kip with a catapult sending him eyes first into Havoc’s fingers! Havoc chokes him with his own hair before taking him to the corner! Matt stops him with a sleeper up in the ropes but Sabain breaks this up and tags in, goes for a Super Rana but Matt counters with a Second Rope Powerbomb!! Nick finally gets the tag, going wild with rolling roundhouse kicks, rising knee in the corner to Havoc, Bulldog/Clothesline combo! Sends Havoc to the ramp, shoulder thrust to the gut, pullover Facebuster to Havoc, into the moonsault to Sabian, up to the top for a crossbody to Havoc, back into the ring to get Kip into the Sharpshooter! Sabian is crawling to the ropes, Matt surprises him with a springboard elbow drop to the back!

Nick pulls him to the center, Jimmy distracts the ref with a mallet, Ford takes the wet floor sign to Nick’s back to break up the hold! Havoc tags in, Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall! Kip tags back in, he’s bleeding now as he goes up top for a Double Footstomp but Nick evades it! Havoc tags back in but gets a series of Northern Lights Suplexes from Nick, catapult into the enziguri, Matt tags in for the senton! Nick with a charging kick to Sabian, Risky Business on Havoc for a close nearfall! Havoc fights back, Butterfly Suplex, Sabian tags in with a diving double footstomp to the ribs, Nick with a last second save! Havoc deposits Nick, hoists Matt up but he escapes behind him, throws Jimmy into Kip, double northern lights suplex! Tag to Nick, Stereo Superkicks!! They set Havoc up in Kip’s arms, clip the legs to force him to Tombstone his own partner, Kamigoye follows for the win!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Once again though the Butcher and the Blade attack the Bucks immediately, and once again FTR makes the save! They whip Butcher, double superkick from the Bucks, leads to the Goodnight Express! Simultaneous Meltzer Driver and Spike Piledriver on the two men! Absolutely great moment there.

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