Wyatt Family Era Bray Wyatt Reappears On SmackDown | WWE SmackDown Results (6/19/2020)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown is almost done. We see a replay of what happened earlier tonight with Matt Riddle making his first appearance on SmackDown and getting the victory, which naturally leads to the announcement of AJ Styles defending against Drew Gulak next week. Of course Gulak did beat him first. We’re really eating up time since the ‘main event’ is just an episode of the Firefly Funhouse. Speaking of which, it begins and Bray waves violent as he’s back. He says it’s been way too long and he asks if you guys missed him. He says he can’t wait to tell everyone what he’s been up to lately. He joined a club and learned all the greatest Tik Tok moves. He mastered the dark art of resurrecting the dead and he learned how to knit! He even infiltrated a Reptilian stronghold.

Growls “I see you”. Ramblin’ Rabbit asks if he wasn’t just brewing about losing to Braun Strowman and we see a Funhouse style replay of that loss. Bray is sullen at this and thanks Rabbit for reminding him. He realizes that he went about this the very wrong way. Because you see, Braun Strowman is someone he’s known for a very long time… but as he is wont to do, Strowman interrupts this out-of-ring segment with his entrance and goes down to the ring, even as Bray is giving him the thumbs down on the tron. Braun gets in the ring with a mic and says Bray had his opportunity and he failed. No more games. The story between the two of them is over. Bray cackles and says their chapter may be over but he wasn’t lying about resurrecting the dead. Changes his voice to a familiar accent and says their story… is just getting started.

We then see new footage of Bray in his classic gimmick asking Braun what’s wrong? Says he looks like he’s just seen a ghost. Explains that in order for them to move forward he must first take a step back to where it all began. Says he created Braun and therefore it is his duty to destroy him. And you know where to find him. All you have to do… is follow the buzzards. He even takes up a lamp and warns him to run as he blows it out, and we close with a familiar screen cut.

Kinda feels way too similar to Matt Hardy’s thing, and it also may be a little soon to be doing this with the old Bray as well but on it’s own, pretty effective.

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