Orange Cassidy Was Going To Drive An Orange Juice Truck To Ring On AEW

One of the best moments from this year’s edition of Fight For The Fallen came at the expense of Chris Jericho & The Inner Circle. Following his victory over Orange Cassidy the week prior in the main event of Fyter Fest, he’d brag and claim OC would never get a rematch against ‘Le Champion. However, this would end poorly for them, as they would be doused in orange juice from the roof, and given an OC towel to dry off with.

This moment went over beautifully, and really added to the chaotic energy of Orange Cassidy. It did mimic the blood baths of The Brood from the WWF’s Attitude Era, but if Chris Jericho is to be believed, it was almost so much more, but the arena simply didn’t work for the plans. 

Orange Cassidy Was Going To Drive An Orange Juice Truck To The Ring

This segment was always going to end with The Inner Circle being drenched in some freshly squeezed orange juice, but the original delivery method was something much more classic. The orange juice bath was great and all, but we would have seen the AEW version of Milk-O-Mania or Steve Austin’s Beer Truck if the arena would have made it work.

Yes, Orange Cassidy was going to drive an orange juice truck with a pump on it down to the ring, and likely have the Best Friends douse The Inner Circle with its contents. Sadly, Daily’s Place was not set up for a stunt like this, so plans had to change. Instead, they found some way to store the Orange Juice up top, and release it onto it’s targets. 

This information comes from Chris Jericho himself on a YouTube livestream, where he also noted that they used really cheap orange juice for this stunt. Something akin to Sunny D. In his own words, it was warm and ‘like getting drenched in piss’. So it was not freshly squeezed afterall, we don’t need to worry that AEW wasted something people actually would have wanted to drink. 

Do you think someone like Orange Cassidy would actually plan something so elaborate? Was the actual execution of this as good as the plans? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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