Taiji Ishimori Challenges Hiromu Takahashi

Right now in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Hiromu Takahashi holds the top prize in the Junior Heavyweight division. He won it from Will Ospreay at Wrestle Kingdom, and has notched one defense. This was back in February against Ryu (formerly Dragon) Lee. Now, a new challenger is stepping up. This is former champion, Taiji Ishimori.

After dropping a beaten and broken Hiromu Takahashi following his main event loss to EVIL, the message was clear. He’s coming for this title once again.

Bullet Club vs. Los Ingobernables Is The Feud Of The Summer

After winning the six man tag on the first night of the Summer Struggle Tour, when he dropped Taiji Ishimori with a Bloody Cross, Ishimori would once again bring his attention to Hiromu Takahashi. Having his Bullet Club allies hold back Naito, he would be relentless in his assault on Takahashi.

Following the beatdown, he would make his challenge more formal. As Bullet Club stood tall, he would say the following. “Look at you, you’re all beaten up. You know what I have to say? I’m challenging for that belt!”

When combined with Naito’s bloodlust towards EVIL, it’s clear that the summer of 2020 in New Japan Pro Wrestling will be led by this faction war for the top prizes in the company. We will likely see someone step up to challenge Shingo for the NEVER Openweight Champion as well, perhaps Jay White?

Hiromu Takahashi Won’t Be An Easy Target

Ishimori has gotten the jump on Takahashi twice now, both when he was at his most vulnerable. This could have the only reason he has the upper hand in this feud. Right now, Hiromu Takahashi is one of the top names in the company, and his incredible matches with heavyweights like Ishii, Okada, and EVIL show this.

If it wasn’t for Dick Togo, Takahashi would have three titles right now, as he got a visual pinfall on the champion following Time Bomb II. Taiji Ishimori is no slouch either, but he’s going to have to wrestle a near perfect match to come out on top. This match might happen sooner, but it could be another big match for Summer Struggle in Jingu.

Do you think Taiji Ishimori can beat Hiromu Takahashi? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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