Who Could Answer Cody’s Open Challenge Next Week? 

After Cody mocked Sunny Kiss in the match on Dynamite. Arn Anderson wasn’t happy and decided not to tell who he’s personally picked to go up against Cody next week for the TNT championship. With him saying if Cody wasn’t happy with him going out there like he already won and if he didn’t do that, he should have won in 6 minutes. This has led to massive speculation on who Cody will be facing next week.  


It could be another random person.


Although it might be as easy as that, it could be a big Indie star out there. If that’s the case, it’s near impossible to say who it could be. It’s never a bad thing when they do this, though it’s enjoyable seeing new talent. That would make a lot of sense as Arn Anderson did sound like he is trying to teach Cody a lesson for being cocky in the ring. Putting him up against someone he hasn’t seen before would do this as he wouldn’t expect it. 


Could Arn Anderson try and punish Cody?


There is a slight thought that Arn Anderson is going to try and punish Cody for this week’s arrogance. Even though ideally, it would be Zack Ryder that could be next week’s challenger, although unlikely. That would be a great match and a massive surprise. Although there’s another way he could do that. He could actually book Shawn Spears as the challenger for Cody next week. This would be a massive surprise for Cody and could be a way that Arn Anderson thinks is punishing Cody. Although this instead would progress the story of the Four Horsemen forming in AEW. Although, this is all speculation, what do you think of these predictions?

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