Mexican Luchador Coronavirus is Fighting Against Covid-19

Mexico is home for many strange masked characters. Recently, a new wrestler picked a strange and curious name in a Generación XXI match, Coronavirus. He wrestled with the company in an extreme match where the Covid-19 Cup – he was the winner. 

Super Luchas published the curious story of a wrestler the goes by the name of the famous virus and that, in his daily work, is a nurse. Coronavirus is not a stranger to the wrestling scene, he wrestled over many years; trained by professor Atómico. 

On the day, Coronavirus is part of the many health workers in Mexico that have to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Coronavirus is a health worker, as he works as a nurse in an IMSS hospital in Querétaro. Currently, Mexico has over 450,000 confirmed cases. Of those, at least 300,000 recovered, almost 50,000 have died. In Mexico City alone, almost 80,000 cases have been confirmed. Of those 80ks, Mexico City has 8,900 deaths. 

He told the Criterio Hidalgo (in Spanish): “It is a very difficult situation, very stressful, very exhausting. I have entered the covitario [hospital full of Covid-19 patients], putting on all the equipment, leaving dehydrated, leaving many times tired. Being breathing our own carbon dioxide for 11 hours, 8 hours, is too much wear. Not being able to drink liquids, not being able to eat, not being able to go to the bathroom.”

Coronavirus is not the only nurse/wrestler that is working against the pandemic. In Mexico, there’s another wrestler with the name of Yerba Mala (Bad Herb in Spanish), works as a nurse but within the Terminal Health Center, in the Sentinel Unit of Monterrey, Nuevo León. He assists epidemiologists in severe cases of Covid-19 in the state. He’s also a 45 year veteran in the business.

He told the Criterio Hidalgo: “We are all aware of what is happening and we take extreme measures to be able to carry out our activities without any pretext. The situation is complicated. What depresses me and fills me with anger is people’s behavior and attitude. They still think that this is a smokescreen and the truth, personally, I am living it every day and it is worrying.” He added: “Every luchador has a weak point and the Covid-19 has his, so we must wash our hands, avoid contact with others, not go out, stay at home and with that I will surrender”.

Although odd, is refreshing the creativity that some luchadors have taken to reinvent themself during this pandemic and also, contribute to the safety of their country. 

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