Impact Wresting Results (9/22) – #Heath4Impact Trends; Rascals pick a fight with the Good Brothers; EC3 Offers to Help Moose

Impact Wrestling Results returned from commercial, and we got to see the best Heath (Redacted) promo yet as he’s talking about needing a job since he was released.

He was in the middle of saying he can go anywhere when a security guard booted him from the property, so he switched to another area.

He spotted a “Rhyno in the wild,” and he cut a super cheesy promo about him being endangered to help push the #Heath4Impact.

They cut to David Hasslehoff, Flavor Flav, Nancy Kerrigan, and Chuck Norris, who promised to make Scott D’Amore cry if he doesn’t give Heath a job, explain why Heath needs to be signed.

D’Lo Brown added his two sense on how Heath’s truck was repoed. Heath even has his daughter pitch in to help sell him in a personal message.

Tag match set

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) were backstage when the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) approached them asking for a thank you for them stepping in to help last week.

The Rascalz took offense at being called “young boys” and Wentz was really fired off and he and Dez challenged Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows to a match.

The Good Brothers said they have to problem about having a match, like they were helping a couple of kids.

Sabin wished the Rascalz luck.

EC3 wants to help Moose

EC3 said he knows what it’s like to be stolen from, especially the TNA World Championship.

He said these are the times we come together, unite, and control the narrative.

He added that in 2020 we can communicate with cell phones to help Moose find the TNA Championship and shared Moose’s phone number — 407-457-8494 to bring the thief to justice.

Wedding preparations

Taya gave Rosemary grief for last week, asking where ehs ewas last week in her match.

Rosemary told her she was unconscious and pointed out she needed help, too. She said she’d help Taya, if she helps her with hers.

Taya admitted she knows Rosemary is stressed and offered to Help her.

Rosemary asked if Bravo needed her, but Taya said he’s got it under control and becoming his own man.

Bravo was giving a speech to his bridal party, including the Deaners, Fallah Bahh, Johnny Swinger, Crazzy Steve and Alisha Edwards.

The latter said she’s part of the bride’s party and called him a dick-tator.

The Deaners (Cousin Jake and Cody_ tried to promote the idea for a bachelor party, and when that was shot down, Cody said they have a match.

Cody left, but Jake was slow on the uptake, so Cody returned and pulled him away.

Swinger started arguing about why Bahh was the best man, and Dreamer appeared around the corner to yell, “Match time!”

Bravo told him to shut up and it wasn’t Wrestle House.

He then turned back to ask the remaining group is they know landscaping.

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