Impact Wrestling Results (9/15) – Rich Swann is Bound for Glory

As much as Impact Wrestling Results has enjoyed Rich Swann over the years, this was one for the ages.

He said he knew he was supposed to do this in the office, but he felt the world deserved to hear what he had to say, and requested Scott D’Amore to come to the ring.

After Scott came out, he said he was previously forced to come out and give up what he loves to do the most.

He said that as he sat at home watching Impact every week when he saw Eric Young become the Impact World Champion.

He added that he knows Scott has his concerns, but he asked to be allowed to get back in the ring to fight Eric Young.

Scott said there’s nothing more he wants than to see that, but he talked to Swann’s doctors and he’s not ready.

Swann said he’ll be ready by Bound for Glory on October 24. He added he pinned Young at Slammiversary and he deserves this chance.

Scott said he knows how much Swann want to compete and that he did beat Young, but sometimes things don’t work out.

He added that is he puts him in a match with Eric Young, he may not be next in line and that he might be crippled.

Swann accepted that and said he’s right, but then asked Scott to put himself in his shoes.

He said that Scott knows that if he had the opportunity he would take it, and that’s why he’s still in the business. He’s there to give guys like Swann a chance.

Swann added that Young tried to end his career and change his life and he doesn’t care if he ends up crippled. All he wants is Eric Young.

He said he has the heart of a lion and the fight of a fire breathing dragon.

He then said if he doesn’t have this, he may as well be taken behind the barn and put down.

As Scott started to respond, Eric Young came out and Scott got between them.

Young shoved Scott down, and Swann tackled Young and got in a few shots before Young slipped out of the ring, saying Swann made a mistake and won’t leave Bound for Glory.

Scott got both of their attentions and he said he was interrupted, and he said that he was going to say on October 24, Swann needs to “take this piece of s— out!”

Young shouted Swann is retired and this can’t happen, but it is.

This was one of the best promo exchanges we’ve seen in a long time and now we have an awesome match for Bound for Glory on October 24.

Taya wants Rosemary at ringside

Taya asked Rosemary where she was last week when she was jumped by Hogan and Steelz.

Rosemary asked how many resurrections did she take part in, and then said that’s what she’s been doing.

Rosemary tried to convince Taya to help her, but Taya was Taya, so Rosemary said for her to get ready while she did her thing and then she’d be at ringside.

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